When it comes to travel, our family has logged over 10,000 miles on the road with children. With all those miles traveling with children – from infants on up to teens, – we have learned how to prep for trips. The main fact is that travel with kids is happier when everyone is as comfortable as possible.

This isn’t about giving everyone a screen. This is about comfort planning. Whether in the air, or on the road, traveling with kids can feel overwhelming. But, let’s focus on making holiday travel with kids comfortable and organized so everyone can enjoy the trip.

We went on a 3-day road trip this summer to visit family. That travel included all four kids and our 100-pound St Bernard. The van was packed.

I made some adjustments before we packed the car to get organized. A successful road trip with kids starts with some pre-planning. The goal is for the kids to be as comfortable as possible, without sticking them on a device the entire time.

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Tips for Easier Holiday Travel with Kids

These holiday travel hacks kept us more organized and comfortable. Each child had their defined space in the van. That helped them keep things together. I threw in some fun extras for them. It is the little things that turn mundane travel into a special experience. Here’s what we did.

Kids Travel Comfort

An essential for road trips is comfort. Encourage the kids to wear soft, stretchy, comfortable clothes. Quince carries soft, comfy washable cashmere sets for kids. The pieces are washable and super comfy for travel. The active kids clothing is soft, so it helps keep the kids relaxed. That helps help you prevent some travel stress. Winning, mama!

Featuring the best affordable cashmere clothing for kids, and super-soft French terry modal, these pieces are perfect for mixing and matching. That makes packing much easier! Plus, the Quince kids’ cashmere collection is priced 40-80% less than other luxury brands. It is one of the traveling essentials for toddlers.

I also have each child bring a blanket. Then they have a soft blanket to wrap up in if the car or plane feels chilly.  It is tough to find a perfect temperature for all 6 of us, so blankets are a must. A little comfort from home helps everyone feel better.

Organize Kids Items for Travel

When we pack for travel, we guide the kids to limit their extra books and toys to what will fit in their backpack. Each child loads their books, toys, travel games, and special items into their backpack for using in the car, or as their carry-on if we are flying. Sturdy backpacks help the kids carry their own extras into our hotels too. It also keeps the clutter more managed each day of travel.

Each backpack becomes a little traveling toy box. That helps us stay organized. Quince transformed landfill-bound plastic into brightly colored backpacks! Each pack has room for all the kids’ travel essentials. The best kids backpack features comfortable padded straps, spacious compartments with a padded laptop sleeve, and are available in three sizes. 

In addition to the kids backpacks, Quince also offers convenient and accommodating bags and luggage for parents. Smart luggage options make traveling with family much easier.

When we make pit stop, or move through an airport, keeping my essential documents and ID cards within reach while keeping my hands free is so important as a mom. We need to get things done! Quince travel bags and luggage are quality tools for keeping yourself organized throughout the travel season.

Items That Make Family Travel Easier

Seat organizers

This was our first road trip with seat organizers. I wish I had gotten these sooner! Each of my children put their snacks and travel games right in front of them. All their things had a place to go when they were finished. That kept the floor less-cluttered as well. (Remember: Our large dog was taking up that space!)

Neck pillows and ear plugs

We have not traveled with neck pillows before, so these were a treat! They made all the difference for getting rest on the longer stretches of driving. Everyone could nap more comfortably – even me when it was my husband’s turn to drive!

That helped maintain long stretches of quiet time in the car which helped us all feel more rested throughout the trip. Road trip travel can be draining, so these neck pillows helped us rest.

Ear plugs were another inexpensive, simple tool to help with comfort levels. The little things make a big impact when traveling with children over the holidays.

As my kids are getting older, quiet is more appreciated by each of them. So, to help with getting good rest, we added ear plugs for everyone.

The kids put their set of ear plugs right into their seat organizer. When they were feeling tired, they could use the ear plugs and neck pillow. These were small items that made a big difference in our travel comfort.

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Miles of Travel with Kids Means Multiple Tips for You

With all the miles between us and our families, traveling with kids is something we have done a lot. I have road-tripped with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school age kids, and now teens and tweens. We have flown carrying infants, car seats, and multiple kiddos. All of those experiences remind how much of a challenge traveling can be with children. But, seeing their smiles while spending time with family, or at a fun location, is worth every second of preparation.

Now that I have older kids, vacation is actually a vacation for me too. It all has been a process of learning what to prep ahead so everyone feels more comfortable.  Your next vacation with kids will be even more enjoyable for everyone, whether you are taking a road trip with kids or flying over the holidays.

Quality kids clothing, bags and comfort items are the keys. Quince is going to be an essential resource for gathering your holiday family travel essentials.

The Quince mission is to democratize high-quality essentials through their Manufacturer to Consumer (M2C) model. Quince strives to make luxury products accessible for everyone, without the high markup. Quince’s supply chain is also socially and environmentally responsible. The brand’s products are made from 70% renewable materials, and 100% of the factories it works with are certified by third-party auditors to ensure safe working conditions. View the full line of cashmere clothing for kids, the best cashmere sweater, and smart bags for travel.

Moms are always working-even on trips. So, use these road trip hacks to keep the car organized. These steps to help you prep ahead for traveling with kids this holiday season, will assist you in keeping the kids happy. That will reduce your stress during your holiday travel with kids.