Vehicle parked by pond. Parent and child are standing next to it watching the sunset.

When we plan for a family road trip, the first thought I think is how to remain sane. Reducing the stress level that you know will rise during long hours in the car is a prime focus. You can save your sanity on a family road trip.

Preparation is key and no, it does not take a lot of fancy devices or hours of screentime for the kids.

We have traveled across the entire United States with all four kids multiple times. Those of you who have been reading here for a bit know we are a military family. When the military says you need to move from the east coast to the west coast, just a few months after having twins, you figure it out.

Our road trips have not been easy. No big challenge can ever be made easy. But, to save your sanity on a family road trip, follow a few tips from my guide.

Tips to Save Your Sanity on a Family Road Trip

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In addition to that list tailored to families that need to travel long distances with kids, I have a few additional road trip travel resources for you.

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What are your best tips for surviving a family road trip and enjoying the journey? Leave a comment.

Car parked with parent and child watching the sunset text reads saving your sanity on a family road trip.