After moving into an historic home, I noticed the kids were getting sick a lot more. With four kids, we were not getting any illness-free weeks. It was becoming a very concerning trend. I took action. We have to take control of our health at home, first. This Mother’s Guide to Virus-Killing Technology is a plan for protecting your home from illness and allergies. 

You can create a safe haven at home. This guide includes a NASA discovery – ActivePure – that protects families from environmental toxins. Before the cold and flu season starts, get prepared with this mom’s guide to creating a healthy home.

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Defend Your Family’s Health: Air Purifier Technology Protects Your Home from Illness and Allergies

We each need to make the best choices for our families. I know we all have different health and home situations to balance. These steps to handling the not so fun parts of illnesses and allergies help you take action to keep your family well and create a healthier home. 

This is a step-by-step guide to protect your home from illness and allergies. It begins with ActivePure technology.

Eliminating Illness in the Air: NASA Discovery That Protects Families From Viruses

Step 1 is to control the level of purity in your home.  Your children are growing, and their immune systems are growing as well! Your household is exposed to a lot of different things that can cause sickness. 

Moms like us are often very busy and overloaded with tasks. From household chores, all the demands that raising children and maintaining a family require, to watching our finances, and making ends meet.

There is not always extra time to clean surfaces and ensure your family does not get sick from viruses and bacteria. But, you can take matters into your hands to create a clean and purified home.

The NASA-discovered ActivePure technology has been shown to reduce airborne contaminants, like viruses and bacteria, up to 99.9%. That purification is happening in only one hour! This is a huge benefit to us moms as we try to keep our kids healthy all winter long.

Vollara Air Purifier sitting on an end table near a couch.

The air purification has been shown to reduce airborne contaminants by 90% within 30 minutes. That is better results than the typical HVAC units in a home.

Chart shows results of a reduction in airborne contaminants by a study done at the University of Cincinnati.
Chart shows ActivePure technology has been proven over 99.9% effective in FDA compliant lab testing against RNA and DNA virus.

In addition, mold and fungus spores are reduced by 99.9% in indoor air as well. ActivePure Air Purifiers by Vollara are essential to making our homes cleaner and safer for our families.

How NASA Air-Purifying Technology Works

During the late 90’s, scientists from NASA were attempting to grow potatoes in space. The biggest problem they encountered was air quality and contamination. The brilliant engineers with NASA discovered a solution that treated their air, and made the surfaces free from bacteria and viruses. 

ActivePure technology is a huge discovery that helps moms protect their families from illness and viruses at home! 

Just like busy moms, astronauts are busy with their mission. They do not have time to sanitize surfaces, and cannot afford to become sick. We consume more air than anything else. It is as important as water and food to our overall health! 

One of the easiest ways to improve health and avoid sickness and allergies is to have clean air in your home. The ActivePure air purifier technology does that. 

Vollara Air Purifier for Eliminating Viruses At Home

From deeper, better sleep, to more energy to live out your life, having clean air is essential. Vollara Air Purifier technology helps turn your house into a home where your family can thrive.

This technology is made available to the public by a company called Vollara. They are a trusted company that has been in business for over 100 years. Check out the PBS feature of the technology developed by NASA to clean and purify the air.

Personal Benefits of  Vollara Air Purifier Technology

Having cleaner air and virus-free surfaces will change your family’s life. Vollara seeks to help create healthier homes by producing cleaner air and purified surfaces in your household. They even had a clinical trial tested at the Cleveland Clinic to prove the virus killing ability.  Vollara air purifiers help eliminate illness and allergies at home. 

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Ideal for pregnant mothers, expecting to be pregnant mothers, and families with small children, the ActivePure technology creates a pristine, fresh and clean environment for families to enjoy their lives while reducing the chances of getting sick from viruses. 

Get healthier air in your home by adding a Vollara air purifier today. Cold and flu season is upon us and healthy days are so much happier! Get the air purifier technology into your home at a 15% discount! Plus, you will receive a bonus gift with a retail value of $130!

Choosing ActivePure Air Purifier Technology To Keep Your Family Well

It is the time of year to take action for your family’s health! Create a safe haven for your family with this Mother’s guide to virus-killing technology of ActivePure. 

It is a risk to not take the steps – today – to shield your home from illness and allergies. Get your Vollara Air Purifier for healthier, cleaner air at home to protect your family from illness and allergies.  

Clean air in the home thanks to Vollara ActivePure technology, will give you peace of mind. We all want to provide a safe, toxin-free home for our families. It is possible with ActivePure technology.

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