These organizing tools helped me get a hold on the school work chaos. These ideas work for virtual school too! Home school organization can take time to develop as you learn what system works best for you. These organization ideas help us stay on task and keep our house more clutter free.

Homeschool organization tips for home or virtual school. Contain the chaos of homeschool curriculum with these simple ideas.

Homeschool organization is a key element in staying balanced and avoiding overwhelm as a homeschool mom.

Homeschool Organization Tips

Our first year of homeschooling, the kids attended a hybrid school 3 days a week and were at home 2 days a week. Their work was mainly in workbooks and traveled to and from school in their backpacks.

After we switched to full time homeschool, we used the same curriculum as the hybrid school. Their workbooks were stored in these storage boxes from IKEA.

Each child had one box labeled with their name and they stacked on a shelf in our living room out of the way.

Organization tips for containing homeschool curriculum. Homeschool organization tips that work for virtual school too.

When I started homeschooling all 4 kids, we needed more storage space for curriculum materials. This homeschool room set up is full of homeschool organization ideas. Since we did not have extra space to create a homeschool room, I had to get creative with the space we had. My friend passed dividers on to me, like these storage dividers from Amazon.

I labeled one per subject per kid: “Everett Math,” “Abigail Social Studies,” etc.

As I gained confidence as a homeschool teacher, I started teaching more subjects whole group. Read aloud, science and social studies were all studied as a whole-group, so we could combine to one divider for those items.

I liked the reduction of extra stuff. Homeschool materials can get a little overwhelming at times! Keep the fun in the days with these school jokes. Organization is important, but we need to have fun too!

This year I started planning ahead a bit more. I use a 5-section divider from IKEA to organize one week of work at a time. It mounts right to the wall, so reduces the clutter on the counters.

Plan ahead with homeschool curriculum with a 5-section divider. Homeschool organization tips that work for virtual school too.

It is nice to be able to grab my materials and not have to scrounge around for what I need.

I did repurpose the old work boxes too. I store our math manipulatives in them to keep them organized and out of the way. They slide right under our homeschool storage shelf.

Homeschool organization tips.

How do you store your homeschool materials? What do you think of the divider system? Can it work for your home or virtual school materials?

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