The kids were stressed.  I was stressed. Our first semester of homeschool was tough. I could see the positives but those positives were getting drowned lack of flexibility and little depth of learning. To achieve homeschool success a flexible routine works best.

What I have learned in 5 years of homeschooling

As a former classroom teacher, I tried to recreate classroom-based school in my home at first. In the homeschool environment only a flexible schedule can truly allow you to mold the teaching to the students. This is how to help children thrive. That is how you achieve homeschool success.

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A flexible routine is a key to homeschooling success.

Flexible Routine Benefits

When I slowed down, I could take stock of my children’s strengths and weaknesses. I saw how homeschool routine and variety would help us create homeschool success versus having a rigid schedule.

When you first explore how to start homeschooling, it is important to keep the benefits in mind. We could learn in depth. We could study all subjects within themed units. We could explore homeschool apps that fit into our learning or my children’s interest.

Our school days started to really become enriching!

To create this flexible routine, I stopped teaching all subjects every day. It was too rigorous to really allow my children to learn in depth.

 The beauty of homeschool is going slow and deep through subjects. This allows for greater depth of learning. For example, if you need help with homeschool math for struggling students, you can slow down on other subjects. Just focus on math for a time. We have done this some school years. Focus on their weak area and they will leap ahead.

Flexible homeschool routine does not mean you never have a schedule. it just allows more depth of learning.

Working in Scheduled Activities

There were certain activities we did on a scheduled basis too. Playground meet ups with friends, an art class the kids went to at our local art center, and a homeschool co-op that met once a week were all on set days and times. Check out these tips for choosing a homeschool group.

We had to make it to these scheduled events on time.

Most days, we could flex everything we did to fit around our course of study and pace of learning. Further study of some topics or a field trip could be worked in easily.

That flexibility allowed for variety. Flexible routine in your homeschool is the key to homeschool success.

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