Teaching kids how to make friends with a great new book series.

Two lessons all children need to learn are how to make friends and how to navigate through the challenges of friendships. As parents we all want to teach kids how to make friends.

Often our children learn hard lessons when they have to move to a new state or school. My kids have become all too familiar with this through military life. Every three years they have to make new friends.

It is not always simple.

As a child, my family moved a lot. We were not military, but in junior high I moved to a new state and had to make all new friends.

This was a challenging and even to some extent a traumatic time of life.

Being the new kid, is a humbling experience. Suddenly you are hoping that your peers will want to get to know you and like you. It creates some self-consciousness.

Reading is such a beneficial way to teach children about life lessons. It teaches much more than that. It teaches self esteem through the cuddle time. It teaches language skills, and it teaches children to use their minds to be creative.

There is no greater quality time than to sit and read to our children. Ways to teach kids how to make friends can be done through books too.

Teach a child to read and they can learn anything. That is a homeschool mom motto. I think it rings true now that I have learned how to teach children how to read and love learning.

Book series Wish Upon a Starfish Teaches children how to make friends.

As they have grown and navigated more friendships, books are a resource for us to discuss tough challenges. I have found a great series of books that present friendship challenges and help children learn to navigate them.

It just so happens that the author is my neighbor too! How cool is that?! Moms are amazing.

Books to Teach Kids How to Make Friends

Wish Upon a Starfish –

The first book in the Starfish and Jelly series written by Lauren Giannella. We are introduced to the main characters as they learn the meaning of true friendship. I immediately felt the powerful lesson of this book the first time I read it to my children before they went to bed.

How to teach kids to make friends with a children's book series.

Wish Upon a Starfish teaches that love is letting go, and we can help others achieve their dreams. The book also makes an important point in emphasizing that there can be joy in contentment. Loving others is ultimately the best goal. View more about the book here.

Stingray and Jelly Save the Day –

Book 2 in the series (although they each are standalone books) covers how friends can help friends in distress even when it is scary. This story teaches that bravery is a huge strength.  

Big life lessons can be taught through reading. Teach kids how to make friends with these books.

I love the statement that Giannella makes that in order to be brave we must first be scared. So powerful!

Children do not need to fear being scared. They can use it as inspiration to make the situation better.  The point made that friends can be family rings so true for those that live far from family. Friends become our support and community. View the book here.

Stingray and Jelly Discover Something New –

The newest installment in the Stingray and Jelly series is all about meeting new people.  The characters at first slide into making judgments of what they do not understand. Quickly they learn that asking questions may be a better action.

Wish Upon A Starfish Book series by Lauren Giannella.

This lesson is such an important one that our children will carry through their entire lives: We can judge or we can ask questions. Gaining context to better understand someone that we do not understand is always the best step.

The life lessons such as differences between friends are what make life interesting and similarities connect friends are beautiful points that help children learn to love and learn. View the book here.

The books are so affordably priced! You can purchase all 3 books in the Stingray and Jelly series here at Barnes and Noble.

Get the complete Wish Upon A Starfish book series to teach kids how to make friends.

Book 4 has been released now too! It brings some fun surprises around a birthday theme! These books will be treasured by your family for their quality values.

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Side note: Lauren Giannella is a military wife and my neighbor! Anna Perdue is the illustrator and also a military child. Show them your support through purchasing the books today. We love our military community.

What are your favorite children’s books that teach children how to make friends or help children maneuver through tough life challenges?

Teaching children to make friends and navigate friendships.