Ideas to feel refreshed while staying at home with the kids.

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Motherhood is not a season of life that allows for spa days, vacations or quiet time whenever we feel we need or want it. Especially now, we all need ways to feel refreshed staying at home. Moms need a go to list to feel rested during nap time, while the kids are playing quietly, or at school.

I have never been very good at taking time to get a massage, get my nails done, or go on a trip to get a break from the kids and house.

As the kids get older they have activities. I am the one who needs to get them there. I have discovered simple, quick ways to feel refreshed staying at home. These have helped me feel rejuvenated in small moments even when I can not get out of the house to have a break.

Feel refreshed staying at home with simple ideas to get some quiet time.

I put together a list of ways to help us moms feel refreshed.

They are simple actions we can take to care for ourselves each day. I even have some ideas from my friends over on Instagram too!

Feel Refreshed as a Stay at Home Mom

1) Grab a super indulgent shampoo and hair mask to recharge.

One of the simplest ways to recharge is with a good old hot shower. I think it pretty much cures mom overwhelm and stress. I always planned my showers around the kids’ quiet times. That way I could take my time.

Luxurious shampoos and bath products help you feel refreshed while staying at home with the kids.

Choosing hair care products that are really special make it even better. Mayraki has natural repairing shampoos, hair growth kits and weightless moisture shampoo that feeds moisture into your hair so it feels and looks amazing even if you have to air dry!

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As we get older our hormones shift, so hair loss can be a problem. Just like after having a baby!

Using Mayraki Hair growth and anti hair loss products helps me maintain full, healthy hair. It smells so nice and makes my hair feel moisturized and completely clean.

I choose to have a couple special products to use in the shower so that little bit of time can be really relaxing.

2) Have special snacks or treats that are for you.

I like keeping some snacks on hand in the pantry that I love. In the moments where my sweet tooth shows up or the kids are quietly watching a movie, I can grab a book, my treat and put my feet up for a few minutes.

I love how just taking a moment to breath can do wonders to help me feel refreshed staying at home.

3) Make up your own spa products to feel luxurious.

There is nothing better after a hot shower than a really nourishing body butter. I like to add some special ingredients to mine to support my skin, keep it healthy and feel like I am taking an extra step to give myself a little refresh.

Use this DIY body butter recipe. It is so simple!

4) Get a personal massage at home to relieve stress.

The best gift my husband has given me so far is this super relaxing foot bath. It is a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

Every time I use it, it is so relaxing. It does not take long to fill, heat and use. I like to add DIY bath salts to sooth and de-stress.

5) Get a diffuser and make your home smell like a spa to refresh.

I diffuse daily as part of my simple daily routine. It makes my home smell clean – even when the kids and dog are making it hard to keep clean!

The scents are so relaxing and they last a long time.

I can diffuse for stress relief, for calm, to get us focused for school time or to help us all sleep through the night. I put a diffuser in almost every room because it is an essential tool to feel refreshed as a stay at home mom.

Instagram friends share ways to refresh

A few of my friends on Insta shared their favorite ways to recharge while at home with the kids:

@thewholeparenting – devotion and meditation in the morning, reading a good book

@brandyintheatl – relaxing in the tub with a bath bomb

@joqueen_and_family – an Epsom salt bath while the kids are sleeping

@coffeechaosandcuddles – warm shower, quiet time before the kids wake up, doing my makeup

@pnicole_05 – facemasks for that spa at home time

Want more ideas to feel refreshed staying at home? This mega list of ways stay at home moms can relax and feel refreshed is full of great ideas.

Spend some time taking care of yourself while staying at home.

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It is the little things that really do make the biggest impact on our wellness.

What are your simple ways to sneak in some relaxation time while at home with kids?

Ways to feel refreshed staying at home.