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There are days when everything appears to be going good and all of a sudden my son or daughter gets angry or sad.  They argue, fight, and throw tantrums over simple things that they usually handle well.

I’m like this too.  I’ve overreacted to stressful situations because I was burned out.  I don’t function well when I’m on empty and my kids don’t either.

It’s easier for adults to identify their needs and express their feelings than it is for kids.

The key to building up a child’s confidence is to care for our children’s souls. When kids feel loved they develop confidence.

At our house we pretend that we have an invisible bucket over our head.  Our goal is to keep our buckets filled up with thankfulness, grace, kindness, peace, contentment, happiness, understanding, desire, inspiration, hope, and love. You can reinforce this idea with kindness coloring sheets for younger kids.

In life there are things that drain our bucket.  My kids are learning to tell me when their bucket is getting low or empty.  I help them identify why that is.

I strive to make sure that their bucket stays full.

I try my best to understand why my kid’s get frustrated and I’m learning how to help them stay emotionally stable.

The burdens our children carry may be similar or slightly different.  Our solutions will vary depending on our children’s personalities. 

Following are some of my personal observations about building up a child’s confidence.

Kids have worries, fears, and anxieties

My two kids struggle from time to time with fear of failure.  Or they feel anxious when they go to new places.  We homeschool and once a week we take our kids to a full day of enrichment classes.  At first my eight year old son worried what would happen if there was a fire.  He also was anxious that I wouldn’t be able to pick him up when his classes were over.

It doesn’t help when we tell children not to worry.  Instead they need us to help them process a plan of action.

Both of my kids find comfort in talking to God about their worries and they believe that God is with them.  God fills their souls with His spirit and they soar.  They rise above their concerns by putting their trust in a faithful God.    We fill our home daily with Christian music, scriptures, Christian teachings and praise.

Kids feelings get hurt

My kids want to do what is right.  They take it very personal when they get in trouble.    My son needs me to speak to him in a gentle affirming voice and I have a tendency to raise my voice to get my point across.

Kids need to know that they are still accepted and loved even when they make mistakes.

My son’s soul fills up with hugs and snuggles.  He likes to talk about his feelings.

My six year old daughter on the other hand needs words of affirmation and a tickle time to lighten the mood.

-Kids get frustrated when things don’t go the way they think it should 

Sometimes kid’s frustrations seem silly, selfish, or like no big deal.  Kids feel like no one cares when we minimize their feelings.  Instead they need our support to help them solve the problem.

-Kids get tired

My daughter could literally be on the go all day long with lots of outings and friends to hang out with. She gets clingy and grumpy if she doesn’t have someone to play with.  But she has her limits.

My son on the other hand needs time to think, hang out, and be alone.  He gets in a really bad mood if he is on the go all time.

-Kids are sensitive to stress

Every family has stress, trials, obstacles to overcome, and special needs.  No matter what gets thrown at us, kids need to feel safe, comforted, and cared for.

We do this by providing routine, rituals, and time to focus on each other.

Kids feel better when they do something nice for others.  In doing so there is a sense of belonging and importance.

-Kids need Moms and Dads who parent from a place of rest.

It’s important that we keep our buckets (souls) full of beauty, laughter, inspiration, and joy.   Today take some time to write down those things that you need for yourself.  We must remember that we can’t help our children fill their buckets if our buckets are empty.

I like to read God’s word, pray, write, cook, and buy some flowers!!

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Building up a child's confidence is complicated, unless we follow some simple suggestions for keeping our children's buckets full as they grow.

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