{Guest Post by Heather Hice-McCray}

How to make DIY super moisturizing lotion in simple steps to rid toxins and save money.

Learning about natural products has opened my eyes to so many things.

I’ve learned that a lot of all-natural products on the market today aren’t truly all-natural. A lot of “all-natural” products are still full of harmful chemicals and additives.

In the beginning, I found it shocking so many of the beauty items I’ve been purchasing are still full of things I don’t want on myself or my kids. Now I’ve realized if I don’t want certain ingredients in my all-natural products I have to make them myself (or buy them from Young Living).

It’s true!

It’s actually easier to order my ingredients off Amazon or get them at my local store and make my own all-natural products. Not only do I know what’s going in them, but I take pleasure in knowing that what my family is using on a daily basis is free of chemicals and is awesome!

Which brings me to how I developed this super moisturizing lotion.

I was struggling to find a lotion that was all-natural and only had ingredients I could pronounce and was familiar with. It was really weighing on me. I wanted to know exactly what was in my lotion.

If I’m being honest, I was super nervous to try out making a lotion because I’d never done it before, but this is a great one if you’re a beginner like me!

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different recipes trying to find the best one I could easily and conveniently make myself. I finally found a combo of ingredients I really like that I can also pronounce and that work to nourish my skin.

DIY Super Moisturizing Lotion

This super moisturizing DIY lotion I came up with is easy to make and is truly all natural. It’s intense and helps even the driest of hands become soft and moisturized.

This lotion is more on the oily side so I prefer to use it at night so it can really soak into my skin. The lime and spearmint combo is perfect for the start of summer.

How to Make DIY Super Moisturizing Lotion

Ingredients for DIY Moisturizing Lotion

1/2 c Shea butter

1/8 c coconut oil

1 tbsp beeswax

1/2 tbsp vitamin e oil

10 to 15 drops lime

10 to 15 drops spearmint

Recipe for DIY Moisturizing Lotion

1) Put all ingredients except the essential oils into a double boiler over low heat until everything is melted.

2) Place mixture in refrigerator until semi hard.

3) Scoop out and mix with stand or hand mixer until whipped.


How to make DIY super moisturizing lotion in simple steps to rid toxins and save money.

4) Add in essential oils and mix for a few more seconds.

5) Put in a cute jar and enjoy every night before bed!

I am in love with the lime and spearmint mix. It just makes me happy and smells so delightful and summery, but feel free to use any combination of Young Living essential oils to make you happy.

Just make sure that the oils you chose are able to be used topically and follow all directions for application on the bottle.

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Do you have any all-natural lotions or products that you love to buy or make? Share in the comments below.


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