Gifts for the naturally minded mom, woman or friend. Natural living gift guide has ideas for every budget.

Are you making changes to your lifestyle to live more naturally? If not that is ok! The holiday season is a great time to gift or request a gift that will help you set some goals to detox your home and be a more natural mama. This Natural Living Gift Guide is great inspiration for gifts and goals for the new year.

To start, how many people are on your gift list this year?

Are you able to gather with them or will you be celebrating apart this year?

I know it is a tough one to navigate in these crazy times.

Natural Living Easy Route Gift Guide

Simple steps to a natural lifestyle is all it takes. It does not have to be complicated. These gift ideas are great for your naturally-minded friends or as inspiration for you!

These gift categories and ideas will cover any budget, any lifestyle and any mama no matter how old your children are. There are DIY gift bundle ideas, pre-purchased gift bundles, book recommendations and gift links to two of my favorite companies that are sourcing with integrity.

Let’s dive in for a holiday season full of impactful gift giving.

These gift ideas are great for neighbors, teacher gifts, playgroup mamas, family or friends.

Natural living gift guide has gift ideas for the naturally minded friends and family on your list.

Gifts for the Natural Mama or Natural Mama Wannabe

DIY Gifts for the Natural Mama

I think handmade gifts are so special. I often give DIY body butter, bath salts or lip balms to friends in gift baskets. Everyone raves about them!

Quality ingredients make all the difference. They make a cost-saving gift feel luxurious.

These are my favorite DIY gifts to make and put in baskets.

*Bombshell Basket*

A perfume roll on, glow serum for face and skin scrub (for face or body) are the stars of this DIY gift basket for a natural mama who likes to feel pampered. (Who doesn’t?!)

DIY perfume roll on – These are my favorite combos to make DIY perfume.

Sclaressence, Joy, Ylang Ylang + Lemon, or Bergamot + Lavender are some of my favorites.

Glow serum – In a small dropper bottle, combine 2 drops of each essential oil below and top off with jojoba oil at the end.

Blue Cypress

Ylang Ylang

Citrus Fresh







Skin scrub – This is so versatile. It can be used on the face a couple times per week or use it on arms and legs to exfoliate and reveal healthy skin.

Mix together 1 T baking soda, 1T table salt, ¼ cup coconut oil in a small jar. Then drop in 5 drops each of lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oils. This will smell so great and make your face feel so smooth.

*Relax Mama Gift Basket*

Ooh the spa at home life will be strong with this collection. These DIY items combine body butter, bath salts (that can be used as a foot soak too) and a relaxation roll on. Any mama will feel deep relaxation and of course very loved when she receives this gift.

DIY body butter – I have shared two body butter recipes on the blog. One is super luxurious night cream and the other is a rejuvenating fresh citrus version.

Bath salts – Easily make multiple jars of these bath salts in less than 10 minutes. I shared the recipe and made the jars live so you can see it in real time. Check out my making DIY bath salts gift idea.

Relax roller – I buy these rollers on Amazon. Into the roller I put 10 drops each Lavender, Vetiver and Frankincense then top off with olive oil or fractionated coconut oil.

A second combo you could try is dripping 30 drops of Stress Away into the roller bottle and top of with your carrier oil. Choose your favorite and make that one in bulk for friends, teachers, Sunday school teachers and neighbors.

**Try these additional DIY gift ideas that inexpensive to make!**

Book Ideas: Natural Living Gift Guide

Know a nerdy mama (like me) who loves reading about how the body works, health and learning how to live naturally? I have the go-to book list for natural living.

Wheat Belly

Grain Brain

Healing Oils of the Bible

DK Human Body

30-Second Anatomy

God’s Healthcare

Make a great book gift basket of a couple books plus a mug and Vitality tea set. Learning and relaxation in one for the naturally minded mamas.

Pre-packed click and ship gifts

My two favorite natural living-aligned companies are Young Living and Scout & Cellar. I told you in a recent video in our community group Stay at Home Moms Share Together why I joined Scout & Cellar.

Both companies operate with integrity and keep the bar high with their purity standards.

Moms toolbox of natural wellness tools on the natural living gift guide.

Pre-Packaged Gifts for Moms from Young Living

The demand for Young Living products actually broke their entire website a few weeks back. That is a sign that this company is making products that have an impact.

The Young Living holiday catalog provides members and retail customers the chance to order unique wellness-supporting gifts for those on their list.

Right now when you join Young Living and order from the Holiday gift guide, you will receive free shipping, a welcome packet of information from me, access to our members-only group Natural Living Easy Route, and products that have an impact.

The Young Living Foundation means that purchasing from YL makes you a partner in the foundation which is doing so much good around the world. No extra charge for you and you have a global impact.

Wine is an easy gift to give during the holidays or any time.

Gift Sets from Scout & Cellar

Who likes wine?! Wine gifts make an impact especially wines that are clean and not dirty.

Are you eating clean and drinking dirty? You may be and not even know it.

I learned about Scout & Cellar after trying the wine. I have always loved wine but never liked how there is added sugar and coloring in many store bought wines.

I felt horrible after drinking these and could start to notice them just by looking. Once I learned about Clean-Crafted™ wine, I was sold!

Scout & Cellar Clean-Crafted Wine is grown naturally with no synthetic pesticides. It’s bottled consciously, which means nothing funky is added in the cellar as it’s converting from grapes to wine!

Finally, you know when you spend all of that time looking at every ingredient label in the grocery store for High Fructose Corn Syrup? Well Scout & Cellar does that for us when it comes to all the junk that can be found in the average bottle of wine!

They test every bottle to make sure it is free of sugars, chemical preservatives, or anything else that isn’t found in nature. That is what makes it Clean-Crafted and what sets us apart from all other wines.

I wanted to make sure you know a couple of things: Shipping is free when you spend over $99!

Clean crafted wine for the naturally minded mamas.

Don’t forget about Scout Circle Wine Club! It ships free, too!

Also, we have some volume discounts to note: 6-11 bottles is 5% off, 12+ is 10% off if you are feeling like stocking up! And, really, who isn’t right now? Lastly, these wines will deliver right to your door.

Usually in 7-10 business days, but they can get it to you sooner if need be! (remember our wine club perk?)

Most importantly…they have a Satisfaction Guarantee that they stand by. Please know that any wine that you order that doesn’t live up to your expectations can be replaced. You seriously can’t go wrong!

Ok, your turn! Tell me which gift sets or gifts ideas were your favorite from this list?

Gift guide of natural living gift ideas and suggestions from DIY baskets to books for the naturally minded woman.