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How to use custom vinyl stickers at home for work or home organization.

Whether you have a home-based business or are looking for ways to get organized at home, these 15 ways to use vinyl stickers for home organization or home-based business use will make things look more put together. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are so many ways to use custom vinyl stickers!

15 Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers at Home

Organization and clean appearance are always a focus for me as a homemaker. You can get tons of ideas for organizing and decluttering to make your home look put together in our Complete Homemaking Guide.

Labels are always a key addition to maintain an organized home.

Quality labels stand up over time. You can customize vinyl stickers to be cohesive or have a certain theme. Your home will look amazing!

Custom vinyl stickers from Sticker You to use at home for organization or a home based business.

I partnered with StickerYou to share how easy it is to create customized vinyl stickers at home. It was so easy to upload my own graphic. Their shipping was fast despite the delays happening in shipping around the globe.

The StickerYou customer service team was very helpful. They emailed me to make sure that my stickers were to my liking before they printed and shipped my order.

Five years ago I started blogging about natural wellness here and on my Natural Living Easy Route Facebook page. My side business was born. It has taken some time to create my logo design but simply using my Picmonkey app on my phone I created a logo easily for free.

User friendly custom vinyl stickers at Sticker You for home organization or business use.

I had NLER logo stickers printed here by StickerYou because I make a lot of DIY items to give as gifts. When I teach wellness classes I send giveaways out as well. With the logo on my DIYs it is a way to introduce my business and present a professional look…all while still being a stay-at-home mom!

I love how my customized vinyl stickers turned out!

Although I am using this batch of stickers to customize my DIY gifts for the holidays, here are easy ways to use vinyl stickers around your home for organizing and crafting.

Ways to Use Vinyl Stickers at Home to Organize

Create a monogram logo to add to wine glasses or tumblers. Simple dollar store glasses become special when you customize a sticker.

Add labels to your laundry room bottles and storage bins to clean it up.

Kids school supplies need to be labeled these days whether you are in a homeschool co-op or the public and private schools. Vinyl stickers from hold up with use!

Make fun wedding or party favors with customized stickers-you can choose a saying or image.

Label the books in your home library so if you lend them to friends you can easily note where they need to be returned.

Label plain note cards with your special logo, family monogram or initials to make personalized cards inexpensively.

Make DIY gifts for friends and put your sticker with logo or initials on it for that special touch.

Labels kids’ water bottles so they do not get mixed up at school, sporting events or the playground.

Use stickers to label craft drawers.

Make special stickers for birthday parties and label cups easily for a fun unique design.

Add labels to bins of toys or shelves.

Keep your charger labeled for your device.

Create custom ornaments to put on your tree or give as gifts.

Make plain cardstock into custom notecards simply by cutting and folding plus applying a sticker.

Create custom notecards for home or business notes using custom vinyl stickers from StickerYou.

There are a lot of ideas here for how to use vinyl stickers!

Custom Vinyl Stickers from

I love how my custom vinyl stickers make my homemade gifts look even more special and professional as I run my business at home. Giving DIY gifts is always so fun.  

The options are endless! You can browse the art StickerYou has for you to use, or use your own graphic/logo.

Head over to to check out their easy online creation system and even more easy ways to use vinyl stickers to jazz up your home organization, crafts or business products.

What ways can you think of to use vinyl stickers around you home to help with keeping things organized and put together?

Easy ideas to use vinyl stickers for home organization or home based business ideas.