Installing Brightology solarize gutter lights as an outdoor weekend project.

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#AD We stay at home moms were staying at home before it was a mandate. Cultivating a peaceful, happy home is our work. These are 5 quick ideas to make your home a haven. Each of these steps are what has made my home the soft place to land for my family.

Make Your Home a Haven

1) Organize Kids School Work

Whether your kids attend school, are virtual schooling or you homeschool like me, the kids’ schoolwork needs a home. Homework stations are a great way to set this up.

A desk in your child’s room or a school space with easy organization help us access schoolwork when we need to but not have it take over our home. I shared how I keep the kids school books and supplies organized here.

2) Keep Toys Organized

Toy organization has had to evolve as my kids have grown. A few simple ideas have always been what I used to avoid toy mess taking over my house.

These labeled bins work so well for us. I love the cube drawer cabinets too. It is so easy to quickly clean up an area when everything has a place to go.

3) Encourage Kids to Help

When everyone in the home has to help, it makes a difference. Kids develop a sense of ownership and responsibility. I have assigned my kids chores – some that they do to earn money and some that they do just because – since they were 4 years old.

A very detailed chore system helps break things down, or this system that we use now is more basic and manageable with multiple kids.

Brightology Solarize solar gutter lights add bright light outdoors for the garden or patio.

4) Create Outdoor Hang Out Space

As the weather warms up we will be spending more time outside. Our front deck is my favorite space.

Spending time outdoors during the day is great, but when the kids go to bed my husband and I want to be able to sit outside and have a glass of wine to relax too. It is one way we make our home a haven.

We installed solar lights from Brightology to create more light and beautify our space.

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Solarize lights can be safely mounted on the gutters. It was so easy to assemble these lights. I put the mounting brackets on all 4 lights in about 5 minutes.

Brightology solarize lights assemble in minutes for a quick weekend project to make your home a haven.

My husband installed all the lights around our deck in less than 20 minutes too! Spouses who do home projects together, stay together! LOL!

Make your home a haven with solar garden lights from Brightology. Save 15% with discount code JAIMI15.

Brightology Solarize Gutter lights create a brighter space so we can use our deck from day to night. I love that they turn on automatically and are very quality lights.

Outdoor solar garden lights from Brightology are one way to make your home a haven as we all stay at home more.

Create an outdoor haven for the spring and summer nights together. Perfect for an at home date night on the deck after the kids go to bed. I can feel the relaxation already!

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5) Make Clean Up Simple

Just like with the toy storage ideas, regular home clean up can be simple too. From minimizing the clean up routine to handy home tools to kids helping, it all makes quick clean up so easy.

What are your favorite ways to make your home a haven as we all stay at home more?

5 Ways to make your home a haven as we all stay at home more and enjoy our homes together.