Child's hand on tulip. Quick ideas to give your garden a makeover.

It’s easy to put off a big task or home improvement project for months, if not years on end. But when it comes to your garden, the less attention you pay to it, the worse the issue may become for you in the future. However, if you’re keen to reconnect with your love of lawn care and gardening, there are some quick and impactful ways to transform any dull yard into a lush and stylish oasis.

Put these tips into action and you’ll be relaxing in your beautiful new garden in no time. 

Start with a deep clean and tidy 

Any effective and speedy makeover needs a good cleaning session. Trim your lawn and pull out those pesky weeds, and get super critical about what you should be eliminating to welcome in this fresh new garden style.

Don’t forget to quickly powerwash your shed and patio furniture for that beautiful gleam that comes with a deep and thorough clean. 

Cleaning and weeding a garden space with kids.

Plant some fast-growing plants and trees

While many plants and flowers take time to grow, there are many stunning marvels of nature that grow quickly and add a wonderful splash of color to your garden’s canvas. These 10 flowers to grow with kids will help get your garden started.

Ordering red bud trees for your new garden style helps to create depth and character in no time. Their small stature, lush pink blossoms, and heart-shaped leaves give your greenery a whimsical and romantic feel to accompany your cleaner, leaner lawn. 

Embrace minimalism to accentuate key features 

There’s something so inviting about a scaled-back garden that’s had the clutter and fuss removed. A combination of neutral colors and neatly trimmed grass with a handful of main features will give that breezy and calming feel of nature, as opposed to overbearing and busy gardens full of plants at every turn.

This modern approach to garden ideas works perfectly for those of you looking to make simple changes as quickly as possible. Not only is it easier to maintain, but it looks expensive and stylish too!

Place your features strategically

If time is of the essence and you’re in need of a few quick tricks, it’s so easy to set out a few strategically placed pots, plants, and ornaments. But the real goal here is to be careful about where you choose to put them. 

Make sure you’re not sacrificing space and convenience for the sake of a feature you’ll eventually get frustrated with by keeping to the outskirts of your garden, allowing the space itself to breathe more and appear bigger!

Add some magic with a few lights 

Now that you’ve set the perfect scene for the ultimate garden, it’s time to get it lit up and ready for the world to see. A few well-placed lanterns and fairy lights can completely transform those dark and dreary corners of your garden. 

For fast changes to a garden, nothing works better than creating a subtle warm hue of light across your new lawn on a summer evening. In no time, you and your guests will begin to feel like you’re in another part of the world altogether!

Do you have a garden or backyard space to enjoy? What are your favorite touches to include in your space?

Garden makeover quick ideas to try.