Send your child to school with a surprise lunch box note each day with this cute DIY lunch box notes holder. It helps me remember to send notes every day, and keeps them clean and dry until your child can read them.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones®. The opinions and text are all mine. For more information you can view my disclosure.

I admit, I do not do the Bento Box fancy creative kids lunch thing. When I ask my son, “What do you want for lunch today?” He normally answers, “Whatever you want me to have.” Easy. Sort of.

I want to try to make lunch time more special this year, because I am not the mom sending my child to school with creative lunches. This is as good as it gets!

Simple lunches are made fun with a child's favorites, easy clean up ideas like Wet Ones singles, and special lunch box notes. Check out the DIY lunch box notes holder!

I know my son gets really excited when he knows we are thinking about him while he is at school. To help him feel connected to home even while away during his school day, I created a simple, but fun, DIY lunch box notes holder for sending lunch box notes to my son. It is a helps me remember to put a note in his lunch too!

Our mornings are pretty chaotic with 4 kids eating, getting dressed, then getting hungry again just in time to leave the house. Oh, and since the twins still do not sleep all night, you can add a sleep-deprived mom to this whole morning routine. (Sounds like a great combo!)

It is just a fact of being a mom that I can’t do it all-I often forget to do the special little things in the busy-ness of my day with the kids. This DIY lunch box notes holder will help me remember-every morning-to send a note in my son’s lunch that will have a big impact on his day at school. I include Wet Ones® singles in his Iunch box every day so he can easily clean up a spill, and now I remember to include a short note to make him feel special.

Lunch Box Notes Holder

To make the lunch box notes holder, you need these supplies:

Small envelope

Velcro® dots

Craft knife


Laminator or clear contact paper

Laminating pockets (if using a laminator)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

*This list of lunch jokes for kids will give you inspiration for fun notes to include. 🙂

To put it together:

Create a DIY lunch box notes holder to send lunch box notes to your child every day!

1) Open the envelope flap and lay the whole thing flat. Slide the envelope into a laminating pocket and laminate it, or cover it with clear contact paper.

2) Using the craft knife or scissors, carefully cut the seam of the envelope pocket-this needs to be open so you can slide paper into the envelope. (I did this on a cutting board.) Carefully ease the envelope open.

3) Trim around the outside of the envelope to cut away any extra plastic or contact paper.

4) Fold over the envelope flap to create a crease.

Make a DIY lunch box notes holder as a special way to send lunch box notes in your child's lunch.

5) Using a hot glue gun, glue the loop side of Velcro® onto the corner of the envelope flap. Stick the hook piece of Velcro® to the first and hot glue it to the envelope by folding the flap down. You may need to gently hold the flap down for a moment to be sure the glue adheres. (Be careful-it is hot!)

A DIY Lunch Box Notes Holder makes your child's school lunch special. It is a simple organization hack by reminding you to include a note!

6) Place hot glue onto the other side of the envelope, and press it onto one side of your child’s lunch box. I chose to place mine on the flap so that it is noticed right when my son opens his lunch box. Gently press the envelope to the lunch box so that it adhered completely.

7) Cut a square from paper, and write a note to your child. You could even prep a few notes ahead to have them ready for easier lunch prep each morning. (This is my goal!)

8) Slide the note into the envelope, close it using the Velcro®, and it is ready to make your child’s day!

Healthy lunches do not have to be high-maintenance. Little additions like a favorite fruit, Wet Ones® singles and this simple DIY lunch box notes holder keep school lunch fun, healthy, convenient and special for my son.

I think it is the little things we do for our children that ultimately make them feel that we love them and think they are worth our time. With simple hacks to stay organized we will have more time to make our children feel special. In the hustle of my days, that is what I want to do most.

What is your favorite way to make your child feel special each day?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones®. The opinions and text are all mine.