Homemade gifts save money and are more personal. This DIY night cream with essential oils is a luxurious and restorative night cream you can make in bulk as a DIY Christmas gift.

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You know what helps with living on one income? Making spa and bath products the DIY way. The DIY approach helps with my household budget.

I found a recipe for a night cream that is thick, luxurious and really effective for moisturizing the skin and encouraging a smooth complexion. I really like it and it is on my list to make as as a DIY gift idea for family and friends.

The night cream recipe I am sharing with you today is part of my attempt to improve the skin on my face. I have had trouble with it since my second child was born. Blemishes, bumps and overall not-so-great texture left me a bit self-conscious when I was out and about.

I try to avoid worrying too much about my appearance, although I do like to look put together as a mom when I can. I just accepted that my skin was going to be this way and went about my days not too worried about it.

When I started using essential oils and researching how to use them topically, I discovered that I could create a skin care regimen tailored completely to my skin. NO bottle of skin cream bought at the store can be that personalized.

That is why I am an essential oil fan. Once a skeptic, now a believer, this night cream is part of my skincare routine. You will find some supplies linked in the products list. Those are affiliate links to Amazon. I am happy to share what supplies I use in hopes that making DIY spa items at home can be helpful for you too!

How to Make the Luxe Night Cream DIY Gift Idea

What You Need:

¼ C raw shea butter

1 T coconut oil (I buy mine at Costco)

1 t vitamin E oil

24 drops of essential oils*

Glass or metal jars with lids

*(Recommended: 8 drops of Frankincense, 8 drops of Lavender, 8 drops of Lemon)

To Make It:

These amounts will only make one 4 oz jar of night cream. I found a great idea on Pinterest for making a large amount of cream or lotion base. It is a perfect way to make a large batch of this night cream so you can create quite a few gifts in one sitting.

You can also make the base and store it for making creams for you. I just measured how much shea butter I had, and multiplied the recipe amounts for the remaining ingredients to make a large batch of my night cream base. 

The idea from The Oil Tribe to make a big batch of cream base is so smart.

In a double boiler, melt the shea and coconut oil together.

Stir until smooth and combined.

Remove from heat and add in the vitamin E oil.

Gently stir to combine.

Let the mixture cool (in the fridge) for 20 minutes.

Using a handheld mixer, mix on medium speed until fluffy.

At this point, you can add essential oils in whatever combination you want to make this night cream special for each person you plan to give a jar. This is how I created my gift:

Homemade gift ideas to save money and personalize DIY gifts using essential oils.

  1. Transfer cream to a glass or metal jar.
  2. Leave some room for stirring right in the jar.
  3. Add your favorite oils. I added 8 drops of Frankincense, 8 drops of Lavender, and 8 drops of Lemon.
  4. Fold the mixture together well.

Then you make it all look pretty!

How to make a DIY night cream with essential oils to give as gifts. DIY gift ideas that can be made in bulk.

5. Gently smooth the cream.

6. Wipe away any cream that got on the rim or outside the jar.

7. Cut a scrap of festive fabric in a square large enough to fit on top of the jar.

8. Place the piece of fabric under the jar ring and screw on the ring to secure. You can add some ribbon and a gift tag.

How to Use:

Smooth onto face, hands, and body at night. This works really well as a preventative measure to keep your feet smooth and moisturized in the dry winter months. You can use this cream any time of day IF you leave the lemon (or other citrus oils out). Citrus oils can cause the skin to be more sensitive to the sunlight.

I have noticed a definite positive effect from using essential oils in simple ways. They help keep my mood (mostly) positive, they help me stay relaxed in tough moments, and they are fabulous for adding to DIY gifts that help me maximize my household budget during gift-giving seasons.

It does not have to be Christmas for DIY gifts ideas to be helpful-make this cream as a teacher’s gift or a hostess gift for the next playdate you attend. The options for personalizing it with oils are endless. Read labels and try out the oils labeled for topical use to see what you and your skin prefer.

What DIY gifts are you making this year?

DIY Luxe Night Cream is a great Christmas gift idea because you can make it in bulk-saving money and time-and personalize it with essential oils.

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