Homeschool Writing Prompts and Creative learning ideas

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I knew when I saw it. My oldest daughter created an entire calendar on poster board. It was all drawn free hand. She was a list maker like me. My daughter likes seeing reminders of what tasks she needs to complete. This inspired me to use my Poooliprint pocket printer to get creative with our homeschool writing prompts.

Simply connecting the printer to an app on my phone, I was able to print out a homeschool work list for my daughter, plan a gift tag for our holiday gifts and greeting cards, and print off a picture of my kids to remember a really fun adventure we had the other day. I turned this into homeschool writing prompts for the kids too!

Use the Poooliprint pocket printer to print labels, photos, stickers and lists easily from an app.

Creative Homeschool Activities Using the Poooliprint Pocket Printer

Set up of our homeschool writing prompt using printable photo stickers from the Poooliprint pocket printer.

Writing Prompts with Printed Photo Stickers

Using the Poooliprint pocket printer, I printed pictures of our recent day trip to a favorite local park. Each of the kids received 2 stickers to use as a writing prompt for their homeschool writing work. These back to school journal prompts for kids are helpful for getting the writing juices flowing too.

Homeschool writing prompts and creative learning ideas.

They used the pictures as inspiration to share their favorite parts of our Saturday adventure. It was a fun multi-media way to add some new elements to our homeschool writing prompts and inspire the kids to write more.

Homeschool writing prompts to encourage writing more.

It was so easy to use photos on my phone. Simply printing through the Poooliprint app made it quick to set up this homeschool writing prompt. I had it set up the night before so the kids could get started after breakfast.

Poooliprint pocket printer and sticker paper for homeschool writing prompts and creative activities.

When we are on field trips, I can take pictures and print them in sticker form for the kids to use as a journal time activity. This saves paper and our printer ink.

The kids really enjoyed seeing their favorite events from our field trip on their paper. It was a creative way for them to do some writing.

Travel Journal for Kids Road Trip Activity

On a road trip, easily print out a few sticker labels and pictures for the kids to include in a travel journal. Poooliprint offers sticker papers so the kids can stick their memories right into a journal for safe keeping.

Poooliprint pocket printer handheld bluetooth printer.

Kids love decorating journals, picture frames or treasure boxes with stickers. Print off some family pictures for them to use instead of the generic stickers in the store.

Homeschool writing prompts and creative learning activities with poooliprint.

Poooli Pocket Printer: Practical Uses and Creative Activities

The Pooli Pocket printer is perfect for printing to do lists and gift labels quickly.

When my husband packs up for a work exercise, or the kids need a clear list of what homework to complete before they can have free time, the printable lists help so much.

The compact size of the Pooli pocket printer is so convenient for printing off quick lists.

Poooli Printer Labels for Cards and Letters

Printing on regular paper or quickly creating fun stickers is so easy on the Poooliprint printer! I thought it would be fun to send handwritten notes to friends just so they know I am thinking about them.

I quickly printed off a funny mom meme to place inside the card. It will make them laugh and it was already saved to my phone’s camera roll. So easy!

Poooliprint allows you to print your photos onto sticker paper too. My kids are going to include some sticker pictures on their next letters to their friends that live long distance.

Poooli Printer Labels for DIY Gifts

I am going to use the shimmery gold sticky paper to print labels for an upcoming make n take DIY event at my house. Cute labels on our jars of bath salts and body butter will help make the DIYs more special if we give them as gifts.

This year I am going to print out stickers for our Christmas cards. The gold shimmer sticker paper will make our greeting cards so pretty.

Make Christmas cards labels, print notes for friends to customize handwritten notecards, and label anything easily with Poooliprint pocket printer labels.

Label folders, food containers, or print out motivational quotes to stick on your laptop cover. The options make our Poooliprint pocket printer a functional and fun tool.

What are your favorite ways to use the Poooliprint pocket printer for your homeschool or creative needs at home?

Homeschool writing prompts and creative activities with poooliprint pocket printer.