DIY aftershave makes a great gift idea. All natural ingredients and essential oils make this aftershave cost effective and skin soothing.

This DIY aftershave makes a great gift. I make a lot of DIY natural products for our home to keep our toxin load low and preserve our health. It is all about balance. We can’t be totally toxin free, so we choose to do what we can and keep it simple.

DIY Aftershave to Avoid Shaving Bumps and Soothe Skin

To make this DIY aftershave you will need a few supplies.

Make this DIY aftershave with essential oils to avoid razor bumps.

Glass dropper bottle

Witch hazel

Jojoba oil or aloe vera gel

Young Living starter kit oils

DIY Aftershave: Simple Gift Idea

Fill the glass dropper bottle 1/3 of the way with the carrier oil of choice. I like jojoba oil because it absorbs quickly and is most like the skin’s natural oils. You may prefer to use aloe in addition or instead of the jojoba depending on your skin’s needs.

Add 10 drops each of Lavender, Frankincense and Lemon.

Essential oils to use in aftershave to avoid shaving bumps and soothe skin after shaving.

Fill with witch hazel and screw on the dropper top.

Shake this mixture of the the DIY aftershave up before applying.

Drip the DIY aftershave made with essential oils right into hands and smooth over skin.

To use the DIY aftershave:

Shake the bottle before you apply. Unscrew dropper top and drip 3-5 drops for your face or 5-10 drops for your legs.

Smooth the DIY aftershave over your face (guys) after shaving to moisturize.

Ladies, apply over legs after shaving to prevent razor burn or soothe any bumps.

I like using this as an aftershave because it does not contain any alcohol, parabens or preservatives. We apply so many chemicals to our skin when we use store-bought products so our bodies get overloaded.

Since getting my Crohn’s disease on track and not needing even medication for it anymore (3 years now) it is my mission to keep our home free from toxins wherever I can.

Simple DIYs like this are the best because they take minutes to make. They cost pennies and they last a long time while providing soothing, moisture and all natural ingredients. Check out my DIY recipes using essential oils here.

Try this DIY aftershave gift idea for men or women that uses all natural ingredients.

If you have not joined our Natural Living Easy Route members group yet, you can do that by grabbing your Young Living starter kit of oils. Make this plus 100s of other DIYs like this DIY lotion, sun lotion, night cream or diaper cream and dusting spray.

Every toxin free product we use in our homes supports our family’s health.

We have so much fun in our members group connecting with like minded people and sharing our recipes, info and health goals. I would love to have you there with us too!

DIY aftershave made with all natural ingredients.

What are your favorite oils to use on the skin or in a DIY aftershave like this one?

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