Fall diffuser recipes printable

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to scent your home without toxins-as long as you have natural essential oils, of course. Download this free printable collection of fall diffuser recipes.

You will not run out of great spicy combinations for scenting your home this Fall.

I know people like the cheap price of store bought essential oils and scented waxes. I prefer to keep my home as toxin-free as possible, so we do not do scented candles or waxes, or home sprays.

Fall diffuser recipes printable.

As someone who has lived with an auto-immune disease my whole life, I know how much our bodies can lose when we use harmful chemicals in the home.

Here is a free printable collection of Fall diffuser recipes for you to enjoy in your home!

They will help you get into the Fall spirit. A sided bonus is many of the oils listed in the recipes are immune system supporting!

Enjoy your fall diffuser recipes. Check out the benefits of diffusing oils in the home here.

Download the diffuser recipes here.

Fall diffuser recipes printable