Five main benefits to using a diffuser at home to diffuse essential oils.

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The benefits of using a diffuser at home are important. Good deals on diffusers are great too! Let’s discuss the reasons why we all can benefit from diffusing essential oils in our homes.

I have a great cost-effective diffuser to share with you too.

Benefits of Using a Diffuser in Your Home

Stinky boys

My boys’ can get stinky with all their playing outside. If you have boys, you know.

I have the kids diffuse oils in their rooms at night. Every time I walk in that room it smells great. Even the next day!

Diffusing essential oils at home helps neutralize odors. I get compliments all the time about how my house smells. Even when it has been a few days since the diffuser was running.

The smell lasts. It is so much healthier than plug ins or sprays. Read how diffusers actually work here.

Eliminate the stink from stinky boys at home with the Homasy essential oil diffuser.

Wellness benefits of diffusing

Anytime we can get benefits from a plant versus a lab created synthetic scent, there will be benefits. Use a diffuser at home to disperse plant-based scents into the air.

So much better than when I sprayed the aerosol spray in the bathroom. Your nose can tell the difference. Nature has tons of benefits.

Essential oils in a diffuser at home are a great way to support positive mood, energy and scent your home naturally.

Mood benefits

Need to wake up in the morning? Diffuse some citrus oils.

Need to focus on work or help the kids focus on school? Diffuse peppermint.

Need to calm down some high energy kids for bed? Diffuse lavender.

The body responds to essential oils diffused into the air. The benefits can only be seen when you try it yourself. Kids benefit so much from essential oils for focus and calming down too.

The Homasy essential oil diffuser is cost-effective and has several light settings as well as run times.


Here in North Carolina the air is often humid. Our breathing benefits from that. When you use a diffuser at home you not only release natural essential oils into the air, but you diffuse moisture as well.

Use the Homasy essential oil diffuser as a natural breathing support. Place your face right over the vapor and breath in the oils and the moisture. It helps so much during allergy season and cold season.

Essential oil starter collection included with the Homasy essential oil diffuser for benefits of diffusing at home.

Replace chemicals in the home

From room sprays to fabric refreshers, an essential oil diffuser replaces all of that. It is an air purifier, room freshener, perfume, and mood support.

With a Homasy essential oil diffuser in your home – or one in each room – you easily save money. You no longer have to buy the sprays, perfumes or purifiers. The benefits of using a diffuser in your home are saving money and simplifying life.

Benefits of the Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser

We are all looking for great diffuser to add to our homes. The simple design of the Homasy diffuser fits any décor.

The inexpensive Homasy essential oil diffuser fits any decor.

Multiple light settings

With multiple light colors you can coordinate with your home or the seasons. My kids love the candle flicker setting.

Watch all the color options in the video.

Custom run times

Set your Homasy diffuser to run for your desired length of time. It has 1 hour, 3 hour and 6 hour settings. This makes it convenient for freshening up your home quickly. Or leave it on for a calming environment while the kids wind down at night.

It is easy to fill, easy to clean and made of durable material. You even receive a collection of essential oils included with it so you can start diffusing right away!

There are so many benefits to using a diffuser at home!

Get your own Homasy diffuser here. Read more about using essential oils at home here.

What scents are your favorite to diffuse at home?

5 benefits of using a diffuser at home for scent, wellness and purifying.