This topic of helping our kids focus and calm down is always part of back to school season. We all want our children to thrive each year, and that means helping them learn to the best of their abilities.

Actions and emotions of children – and adults – are effected by everything we do and eat. Sleep habits and healthy diet have a huge impact on helping our kids focus and calm down.

We stopped buying junk food on the regular. I used to put it on our grocery list as if it was a needed food item. Live and learn, as they say!

If I do not bring junk into the house, my kids can not eat it! They may still get some at friends’ houses, but at least the majority of their snacks can be healthy at home. What I teach them, they will learn….simple but true. So we stopped buying junk regularly and keep it to fairs, special events or birthdays.

Maybe you make healthy foods for your children. Maybe you have tried to support their focus and calm behavior with diet, maintaining a regular sleep routine, but they still show signs of needing more support.

If the body needs support beyond diet and sleep, a few tips can help. Keeping these calm down strategies handy will help you next time your child needs a reminder to calm down.

Helping our Kids Focus and Calm Down

Create calm spaces in the house.

Bedrooms should be free of toy clutter.  Easy toy storage solutions can help.

Keeping electronics out of the kids’ rooms are a good idea too. We let our kids read books with a lamp or flashlight before bed but no electronics. This sets the stage for their rooms being calm spaces without a lot of stimulation.

Setting up a good bedtime routine takes time.

When my kids were infants it was tougher to set up a good bedtime routine, because they went through growth spurts so frequently. But stick with it and in time your bedtime routine will feel smoother.

Diffuse and apply essential oils to support sleep.

Great oils  to diffuse and apply to your child’s feet before bed are Stress Away, Lavender, Peace & Calming, or Frankincense.

Helping our kids focus and stay calm during back to school time.

Create calm school or home work time.

We rearranged some things in our house to help infuse our school day with more calm and support focus. Understanding sensory behavior is an important starting point. If you suspect your child has ADHD, check out these 7 types of ADHD for more info. Then, you can better assess which steps to take next.

A desk in each of the kids’ rooms helps us have quiet space for the older two to go to when they need to really avoid distractions.

We found a great one for the girls’ room on Facebook marketplace locally. Our boys have the desk their grandpa had when he was a boy. Use what you have to make a great homework space.

Maybe you have a small room you can make into a study space, or a small corner of your living room you can turn into a homework station. These ideas for homework spaces are pretty fun!

I made my children each an essential oil roller for focus. Since essential oils can reach the limbic lobe of the brain through our sense of smell, using them to support emotions and focus are really helpful.

I have a little roller holder on each of the kids’ dressers. They can apply their immune support oils before bed and their focus oils before homework time.

I love empowering my kids to self-support their health!

If your kids really need support for focus and attention span you would just have them roll on the oils for focus every 1-2 hours on their feet, neck, wrists. Great essential oils for focus are Vetiver, Frankincense, Citrus Fresh, Peppermint or Geneyus.

I believe so much in using natural options for helping our kids focus and calm down!

What calm and focus struggles are you dealing with right now?

Helping our kids focus and stay calm during back to school time.