One storage solution with many uses from baby storage to toys to hair accessories and kitchen items. This item is so versatile.

Smart storage solutions can help transform your cluttered and unorganized space into an area that is neat and orderly. While there are various options to tackle each space of your home, I have found one storage solution with many uses.

It is an inexpensive item that comes in handy throughout your home.

This over the door clear shoe rack is the key.

Make sure you choose a clear option so you can see the contents you are storing.

Here are 6 ways to use this one storage solution with many uses.

1. Organize and store infant changing supplies and accessories.

Use the top compartments for items you don’t use as frequently, such as tights, socks, shoes, bloomers and hair bows.

Mid-way down, store diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream and natural baby lotion.

Place baby’s toys in the compartments on the bottom row.

2. Keep stuffed animals and toys organized.

As your child gets older, use this one storage solution with many uses to get items such as stuffed animals and Barbie dolls up off the floor.

3. Art and craft supplies storage.

Keep items you don’t want your kids to have easy access to, such as scissors, hot glue gun and sticks, Elmer’s glue, and paint up in the top compartments.

Work your way down using the compartments to store other items such as colored pencils, hole punch, paint brushes, pens, highlighters, glue sticks, markers, rulers, tape, stickers, popsicle sticks, yarn and so on.

4. Unique storage for scarves and other accessories.

My girls love to play dress-up. I put nicer tights and head pieces up high where they need assistance reaching them.

Slippers, ballet tights and shoes, dress-up jewelry fill the other compartments. This under the bed storage idea for kids is helpful for storing extra clothes in the kids rooms.

5. Kitchen pantry storage.

In your kitchen, use this storage solution to organize cooking utensils, kids snacks, water bottles, storage bags, and cleaners.

6. Hall closet storage organizer.

In your hall closet store sun screen, insect repellent, extension cords, spare phone chargers, ponchos, dog leashes and poop bags.

We utilize a few of these throughout our home to help keep items organized and up off the floor. Send us a picture if you are utilizing this storage tool as well!

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What are your creative ways to use storage items in your home?

One storage solution with many uses from baby storage to toys to hair accessories and kitchen items. This item is so versatile.

Jessica Stremer of Five O'Clock JellyJessica is a stay at home mom of two lovely little girls. She is also a military spouse and an entrepreneur. Jessica enjoys staying active and spending time outdoors with her family, cooking, and reading.