Teacher with kids for the 100th day of school.

School kids look forward to the big 100th day of school. Included here are over 15 activities for the 100th day of school. Activities for the 100th day of school help children learn number sense and the value of 100.

My oldest son was assigned a 100th Day of School activities assignment when he was in kindergarten.

He loves Lego so he counted out 100 Lego bricks and built a creation with them as his project.

After creating, these 100th day of school coloring pages keep the fun and learning going.

100 Lego creation for the 100th day of school activity.

At the time, my preschooler wanted to take part in this activity too. She was doing preschool at home. We gathered 100 stickers for her. She stuck them on a piece of paper.

Sticker picture with 100 stickers for the 100th day of school project.

A preschooler marvels at 100 items! It is always such a big number for them to comprehend.

This list of 100th day of school activities incorporate art, math and hands on crafts. It is a great way to teach a big concept while allowing children to be creative in their own way.

I gathered together a big list of 100th day of school activities from my own collection and from around the web. These are great ideas for school age kids and preschoolers too.

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Girl crafting her 100th day of school activity.

100th Day of School Activities

Lego – Build with 100 Lego bricks.

Sticker Art – Create a piece of sticker art with 100 stickers.

Writing – Write a story with 100 words.

Photos – Print out 100 wallet sized photos or sticker photos and create a photo collage. (Poooliprint printers are great for this.)

Collage art – Cut out 100 pictures or words from magazines. Glue them to a paper for a 100 image/word collage art creation.

Froot Loop Necklaces – This idea is a fun one for younger kids. Sorting, counting, fine motor and number sense all wrapped into one activity. Check it out here.

100 Snack – From Scholastic’s 100th day ideas, children put a variety of mini snacks into a baggie. Ten goldfish crackers in one bag. Ten graham cracker pieces in another bag. Ten bags of 10 snacks equals 100. So fun!

Read Books – This list of 100th day of school books at Amazon (affiliate link) are fun to incorporate for a read aloud. You could find them at your local library too! I love the list shared at Preschool Plan It here too.

100 Shirt – This is such a fun idea from PTO Today. Decorate a shirt with 100 items as the 100th day of school project. Check out their decoration ideas here. Kids Activities Blog has some creative shirt design ideas too!

List of Words – Write down a list of 100 words that are nouns or adjectives or any topic.

Small Bag of Objects – A simple 100 day activity is to count out 100 small items: Paper clips or goldfish crackers, mini marshmallows or buttons. All are great ideas for putting together a collection of 100 items.

Gross Motor Challenge – Why not try to run for 100 seconds, do 100 jumping jacks or try to jump rope for 100 rotations? All fun ways to get some gross motor movement and burn energy while counting to 100. There are more great ideas at Action for Healthy Kids.

Dress Up Like 100World Book shares this idea at the top of their list. If you were 100 what would you wear and look like? These are always such fun costumes!

Read 100 Books – Start a reading log in early January and have the students track their reading. For children not yet reading on their own, they can track books their parents read to them. Reading 100 books is a huge accomplishment!

100th Day PartyOriental Trading of course has a large variety of 100th Day of School party favors, activities and ideas to have a classroom celebration or celebration in your homeschool.

100 CupsThis list from Proud to be Primary is really good! The cup stacking idea would be a lot of fun. Their whole list is worth checking out.

100 Day Hats Preschool Plan It has a great list of preschool activities for the 100th day of school. One of my favorites is the 100 Day Crown or Hat idea. Simple and fun!

Sing 100th Day Songs – There are a few cute ones at here Preschool Plan It.

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Does your child need to pick a 100th Day activity for his or her classroom? Which ideas on the list are your and their favorites?

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Celebrate the 100th day of school i the classroom or homeschool with these project ideas.