Two piles of rocks for kids to make a rock sculpture title reads Kids art activity with rocks.

Continuing with our unit study on Geology, we did some hands-on art. This rock sculpture art activity is a free and almost-one item activity. If you do not glue it together, it is part of our collection of one item activities.

Rocks are so interesting to kids. Every time we go on a walk or trail hike, at least a couple of kids bring a few rocks back with them.

Although keeping rocks in the house is not something everyone is ok with, you can store them safely. We used this canister with a screw-on top. It keeps our rocks collected and ready for fun rock activities.

Two toddlers with canister of rocks preparing to do their rock sculpture art.

I kept it out of the children’s reach. That way the rocks were not going to damage anything. You can use an empty oatmeal container for this too.

Let’s use the rocks for a hands-on sensory and fine motor art activity!

Kids Art Activity with Rocks: Make Rock Sculptures


  • Rocks
  • Glue dots/Ticky Tack
  • Small piece of cardboard or paper plate

Start by having your child pick out the rocks they would like to use. You can also choose them ahead of time to eliminate fighting.

On the paper plate, your child can stick a glue dot where they want to start building their sculpture.

We used small pieces of cardboard that I had cut down. These ticky tack dots are great for kids to use. Less mess and it helps them work on those fine motor skills if they are preschool age.

After placing a rock on the first glue dot, place a glue dot on that rock. Then place another rock. You are building as you go to create a sculpture by sticking the rocks together.

Picture of a kids rock sculpture art in progress.

You can see in my children’s examples that they went a little free form. That is ok! Toddler and preschooler art is supposed to be open-ended and not perfect. It is all about the experience of creating for them.

Since we spent some time studying a few different topics in our homeschool unit on geology, this rock sculpture art activity fit right in.

We have also studied chemistry with kids, and check out this rocks activity for learning to count. It is a quick counting activity to put together. DIY learning activities at home that are practically free are the best!

When your child is done with their rock sculpture, they will love to hear your words of praise for their work. I let my kids display their art on the console table in the dining room or on their dressers. They keep them for a bit. It is nice to display what they make now and then so they feel good about their efforts.

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What do your kids love to do with rocks they find when playing outdoors?

Tray of rocks title reads Art Activity for Kids with Rocks.