Photo Christmas card is shown in front of a lighted Christmas Tree. Title is Scrambling to get Christmas cards out?

It was taking much longer than expected to receive our family pictures from the photographer. With shipping estimates as they were, I knew it was crunch time or else I was not going to get our Christmas cards out in time. Scrambling to get Christmas cards out is just part of the holidays, right?

For years, the Christmas card process was something I scheduled time for right after Thanksgiving.
We decorated the house, and I got our photo Christmas card ordered. It was on my calendar every year. Now, it is a holiday task that gets pushed aside.

Because I am on the fence about sending physical cards this year, I decided to research other options. There are creative ways to still participate in the greeting card season. After all, since I get joy from receiving cards, I want to let others know we love them and think of them too. It is all about spreading kindness and joy after all. 

6 Alternatives to Scrambling to Get Christmas Cards Out

The alternatives to scrambling to send out Christmas cards are creative and reduce some of the holiday stress. We often put too much of that on ourselves.

From Postable, to photo gifts and even DIY cards that the kids can make, I detail a list of 6 Christmas card alternatives for you to try.

These ideas can be spread across the next year, or quickly put together as gifts. Either way, scrambling to get Christmas cards out just does not always work every year. Life shifts and we can adjust as well.

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Christmas card is held up in front of a lighted Christmas tree. Text reads: scrambling to get Christmas cards out? Check these alternatives. Six ideas are shared to reduce the Christmas card scramble and the stress that comes with it.