Dominoes are a hands-on way to help preschool children learn numbers. This domino number order and matching game turns dominoes into a lesson in counting, matching, number order and fine motor skills.


All you need is one piece of construction paper, a black marker, and a set of dominoes.

DIY domino matching mat shown. Text reads domino number order and matching game.
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I started by arranging a set of dominoes on the construction paper. I started with 1 and ordered them into two rows. This was to figure out the spacing of the dominoes. For preschool kids, teaching numbers 0-12 is the most important. So, I arranged my dominoes from 1-12 on the paper.

Placing the dominoes on the construction paper in two rows.
Tracing around each domino with pencil and then black marker.

The next step is to trace around the dominoes. This helps give your child a visual of where to place the domino on the paper.

If you have a younger child who does not know the number order yet, write the number in each traced shape.

I traced all the dominoes that would fit on my paper. Trace first with pencil, and then trace the pencil lines with black marker so the spaces stand out. Then, I wrote the number word under each space.

DIY domino matching mat with numbers and number words.

This helps teach reading skills. The domino matching is a great activity to add to our free preschool curriculum.

When you are done prepping the matching mat, pile the dominoes together and set the paper next to them.

You talk your child through the steps of the activity before letting them try. This helps them learn to follow directions. It also helps you keep the dominoes from being used in a way you may not be okay with.

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Playing the Domino Number Order and Matching Game

This is a great activity to have easily accessible for your child. It works as a learning center activity for quiet time, or when you can sit together.

Your child counts the dots on each domino and places the domino on its matching space.

That’s it! So simple, but so effective for teaching number ordering, counting skills and fine motor work.

If you don’t have plastic dominoes, our first version of this game used cardstock dominoes. You can also print off free printable dominoes. Or make your own set out of another piece of construction paper. Lots of ways to make this work for any budget and time limit.

It may be helpful to laminate the matching mat and dominoes (if they are paper).

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Preschool girl playing with dominoes text reads number order game using dominoes.