An accidental discovery led to some very vibrant sidewalk chalk art!
Do you have a child who LOVES art? I have a 4 year old like this. She lives for creating!

She learns best through art projects. (I am so glad I discovered this because we were butting heads, she and I, for a time while trying to do some homeschool preschool lessons.)

We both stumbled into this fun discovery for sidewalk chalk. It’s a completely free form art activity great for preschool age and open to the child’s creativity. We love it during Summer time, or if you live somewhere where it is nice all year you can do this any day!

You’ve seen sidewalk chalk ideas. This one is so cool because the colors of the chalk become more vibrant and the activity is almost like a large-scale oil pastel drawing activity, but with chalk! You only need one item to try it.

Let me tell you the secret.

Vibrant Sidewalk Chalk Art

We accidentally left the sidewalk chalk outside one night, and it rained. That is a very important thing for those of us dealing with this crazy drought situation in southern California. The rain was good news, but our bucket of sidewalk chalk was completely soaked.

My art-loving child wanted to draw with chalk on the driveway. I thought the chalk was just going to crumble in her hands, so I warned her that might be the case. Instead, I think we have found our new favorite way to draw with chalk outside-wet sidewalk chalk art!


I know you’ve seen a similar idea for coloring with wet chalk on paper. Coloring with wet chalk is a really fun way to draw indoors with chalk.

This wet sidewalk chalk art was just so cool! The colors of the chalk were more vibrant and they could be spread and blended easier too.


Steps to create unique sidewalk chalk art:

  • All you need to do is put your sidewalk chalk in a bucket or bowl, and cover it with water.
  • Let it sit for a couple of hours or even overnight.
  • Then drain off the water and your child can draw away!

Look at how vibrant the color gets! The texture is thicker too which was really a fun aspect of this activity. It really looked like large-scale oil pastel crayons.



My four year old takes her art very seriously. She explored with this wet chalk art activity for an hour.



It’s so simple, but it was really a lot of fun that we just discovered by accident. I am so glad the sidewalk chalk survived so we could play around and create in this fun way.

Tammy over at Housing A Forest tried drawing with chalk outside in the rain with her children and Kids Activities Blog tried wet chalk art with a painting technique! There are fun ways to create with the wet chalk idea.

Preschool leariing kits that cost as little as $12- M is for Monster Preschool in a Box Preschool Activities.

Does your child like to draw with chalk? What art do they like to create the most?


We thought our sidewalk chalk was ruined, but discovered this fun way to create vibrant chalk art outdoors!


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