Writing activities for 2-year-olds will not look like preschool writing practice, or even kindergarten prep writing. Writing activities for 2-year-olds are unique fine motor activities that help toddlers feel empowered to learn. They learn to write and are encouraged through the process. But, not all writing activities are appropriate for toddlers. Let’s cover some simple ways you can help a toddler learn to write.

Toddlers are in a unique stage. They often make us think they want to be big kids, but are still so much baby inside. If your 2-year-old has an older sibling, you may have heard some requests for bigger kid learning activities.

It is fun to help your toddler explore learning. But, keep these safety tips in mind. I hope they will calm your stress about what age is appropriate for toddlers to learn writing skills.

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Teaching writing activities for 2-year-olds

Sitting your toddler at the table and having them trace letters is not the best way to approach writing for their age group. Toddlers need open-ended learning activities.

If you are using a Toddler Activity Curriculum, writing activities will look a little bit different than tracing letters in a handwriting notebook.

First, toddlers need to see letters, shapes, and numbers before being asked to write them. Part of being able to make a mark of a letter or number on a piece of paper is knowing what letters are and being able to name them.

We start our approach to writing activities for 2-year-olds with open-ended coloring activities. These writing activities for toddlers are an example of that.

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I use similar activities in the Toddler Play and Grow Activity Guide which is my toddler curriculum program. You will keep your toddler engaged in learning that will prepare them for preschool.

Any hand activity is a pre-writing activity. Placing blocks into sorting bags, coloring a basic picture, picking up cotton balls to work on their pincer grasp will all support your 2 year old’s fine motor skills.

Writing activities for 2-year-olds are really more than just putting a pencil to paper. Rest assured, your toddler is learning pre-writing skills by building, exploring the ABC song, learning to spell their name, and identifying shapes and letters. Those activities all work together to create connections in the brain that help a child write well.

Toddler Play and Grow Activity Guide

To get the guide for teaching your toddler at home, get Toddler Play and Grow. It is a toddler curriculum packed with lesson plans, supply lists, and book recommendations. Each activity will prepare your toddler for preschool learning at home.

It is quality time together that matters the most.

What interest has your toddler shown in writing and coloring? What are their favorite activities?

Toddler boy sitting on the floor drawing with crayons on a piece of large white paper. Text reads safe and appropriate writing activities for 2 year olds.

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