Any activity that breaks down big concepts into smaller sizes for kids to grasp is a good idea. Models have always been a great way to help children absorb big lessons. This Jello Earth Layers Model is an edible way to show children how the earth is structured on the inside.

We started our kids’ geology thematic unit with a DIY Globe project. Then we learned about rock types and the rock cycle using playdough. Now it is time to show a cross section of the earth to teach the layers that make up the structure of the globe.

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Edible earth layers model shown. Homeschool geology unit.

Studying the Layers of the Earth with an Edible Earth Layers Model

You have to prep this activity ahead a bit. Make the jell-o and have it ready to go on the day you want to actually build the model. Gather all of the food items you need using the supply list below.

Supplies to Make an Edible Earth Model

  • Large glass bowl – or plastic if that is what you have on hand.
  • Jell-o in 1 or 2 flavors (1-2 boxes)
  • graham cracker crumbs (about a cup)

How to Put the Model of the Layers of the Earth Together

Our first layer was graham crackers. This represented the earth’s crust. The crumbly texture of the graham cracker crumbs resembles the texture of dirt too. If your graham cracker crumbs are dry, mix in a teaspoon or two of water to help make them stick to the bowl. Press the crumbs up the sides of the bowl.

Next we spooned in our jell-o for the inner and outer core layers. If you use 2 flavors of jell-o the colors will help the two layers stand out better. We used cherry and berry. You can see how close in color they were. The inner and outer core blend together in our model.

Edible earth layers model for kids to explore the layers of the earth and geology.

Each layer gets poured into the next. Leave a space in the very middle to represent the core. Fill this at the end. We used whipped cream, but you could use something that holds its shape better like a mandarin orange. The earth layers are detailed in this article so you can learn a bit and prep ahead for teaching this lesson.

I read a book that talks about the layers of the earth. The ones linked here from Amazon are very good at describing the science to children of all ages. I love teaching science whole group to my kids.

Books about Earth Layers for Kids

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You can also show a video to describe the layers. Kids love visuals.

The children’s ages range right now from 8 to almost 14. Science concepts don’t change based on the age of the child you are teaching. Don’t be afraid that the concept is too simple for your older ones. This just leads to greater understanding.

When the layers were all assembled, our edible earth model became a great snack. 😊 Gotta love when the learning saves you from prepping another snack! It is all done for you with this Edible Model of the Layers of the Earth. Other hands-on learning we did in our Geology Homeschool Learning Unit were our Papier Mache Globe, Dinosaur Layers Puzzle, and Plate Techtonics Puzzle. All are free printable pages to explore geology with kids.

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What do you think of our edible earth model activity? Have you tried any edible learning activities with your child?

Girl holding a picture of the earth. Text reads edible earth model geology unit study.

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