Do you have a child who likes to bang?

Channel that sensory exploration into a learning activity!

I recently had the opportunity to share an activity that helps children channel their desire to explore the sensory action of banging into learning. This simple DIY preschool activity is an easy one to customize for older toddlers and school age kids as well. I share ideas for how to play and learn with this activity for each age group. It is so simple to create and is a fun DIY toy to create with supplies you have at home.

To view the details about how to make the Bang the Box toy, head on over to eLeMeNO-P Kids blog. Erica, let me share with her readers and I wanted to be sure you knew about this activity too! It is a fun one and can be personalized in so many simple ways no matter what age child you have whether toddlers, preschool, or school age.


Check out the Bang the Box Preschool Activity, then stop back and view more ideas for preschool activities to do at home!


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