Bubbles! Part of the one item activity series.

Looking back on the video in this post makes me miss the simple days. As the mom of one, I felt like I was managing life pretty well. Clothes were folded and put away, dinner was made and ready to eat by 5 o’clock, and I had so much one-on-one time to spend with my toddler-my only child. That is the one thing that changes the most…along with the laundry craziness…when you have one child, that one-on-one time is amazing.

I love spending time with all of my kids, but as we added kids to our family, my time was spread amongst all. It leaves me with less and less time to play, and needing to fold laundry and unload more dishes from the dishwasher, more regularly. That is all a blessing! Motherhood work is precious, and de-valued by so many.

I just had a family member refer to being a stay-at-home mom as “not intellectual.” I about blew my top! (But, I didn’t.)

Motherhood is the most important work we can do with our lives as women with children. Spending that one-on-one time with our kids is never refunded if we waste it. Simple activities always make the time more fun. Have you tried this bubble activity with your toddler?

Bubble Activity for Toddlers

When you have toddlers at home, simple activities are the way to go! If I can buy my kids activities from the Dollar Store, it is even better.

There are so many activities that only require one supply. For budget-conscious households that is money-saving.

Bubbles are a fun activity for toddlers because they are so open-ended.

  • You can count them,
  • swat them,
  • jump to “catch” them,
  • kick them, poke them,
  • try to catch them on your arm/leg/knee (body part identification),
  • or simply watch them floating away in the breeze and guess how far they will rise before they pop.

This video is my heart. My first born-who is now almost 10 as I write this-hardly even able to put sentences together yet at less than 2 years old. He had such a fun play experience with bubbles that I caught it on camera!

Toddlers are mesmerized by bubble play. I love that bubbles are a one-item activity for toddlers! So much fun for a dollar! You can actually even make your own bubble juice at home. How to make bubbles is really easy.

Get those bubbles out either indoors or out, and play.

Soak up that one-on-one time and don’t for a minute let those who think motherhood is “not intellectual” even register in your mind. We know as moms what work we do all day-heart work and brain work and love work.

Here’s to you!

Try this bubble one item activity with your toddler and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Bubbles are a great, inexpensive one item activity for toddlers.