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Tips for organizing your memories and family photos.

I am a self-proclaimed “mom-a-ratzi.”  My husband has long ago given up on any attempt to convince me to leave my camera at home, especially if we are visiting a new place or doing something out of the ordinary.  I like to remind him of a story I read somewhere that taking pictures during an event can actually help solidify that event in your memory better than if you were just living it.

While I love capturing our family on camera, I also realize the importance of coming out from behind the lens and participating in the experiences and memories we are creating.

With all things in life, balance is key.

So how do I find the balance? 

I take a few pictures, and then SET MY CAMERA DOWN!  This way I can be a part of the memories while documenting them along the way.  It also helps prevent my kids from getting camera overload, which typically results in them giving me the stink eye instead of letting me capture the moment.

Staying organized is the key to make sure all of the pictures I have taken will actually get looked at again.  These are the steps I take to keep our family photos organized.

How to Organize Your Memories

Within a day or two, while the event is fresh I upload the pictures to my computer.

I then go through them and delete ones that didn’t quite turn out.

My files are broken down into years, months, and events.

For example, in the folder named “2016” I can click on “October”, and then open “Pumpkin Picking,” “Rock Climbing,” or “Costume Parade.”

I also upload the pictures from our phones each month.  The files go into “2016” “October” and then “Jessica’s Phone.” You can also immediately file them into your event folders as well. If you have time.

Creating Memories with Family Photos

I have had people ask me if I actually use all of the pictures I take, and the answer is yes. 🙂

Each year I create photobooks for my girls. (Shutterfly is my go-to site).

Creating annual photo memory books is a fun way to look back on the memories, relive experiences, and see how the girls have changed and grown throughout the year.  Plus they each love having a book that is all about them.

If creating a separate book for each child seems overwhelming, consider creating a single family year book.  If possible, order a copy for each child and another to set out on your coffee table for guests to enjoy.

In closing I should mention my husband is probably the most excited person in our family to open my newly created photobook when it arrives in the mail.  He’ll wait until our girls can sit beside him and look through what, “Mama has created for us.”

In that moment I have to resist the urge to take their picture. 🙂 

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How do you organize your memories and family photos?

Tips for organizing your memories and family photos.

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