Do you have these 8 gadgets for streamlining your cleaning and homemaking routines? What others gadgets would you add to this list of 8 must-have gadgets for homemakers?

If you have been married or had a baby, then chances are you created a gift registry.  Since then, how many of you have looked back and thought, “I wish I would have asked for this instead of that?”

Here are some of my favorite items I use around the house that should make it onto everyone’s gift or wish list. They just make homemaking easier.

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8 Must-Have Gadgets for Homemakers

Swiffer Vacuum

My favorite tool for cleaning my floors is the Swiffer vacuum. Having clean floors has become a pet peeve of mine ever since my girls could crawl. Add in dirt from two dogs and shoes that don’t always get left at the door, I am ALWAYS cleaning my floors. Which is why I recommend getting yourself one of these vacuums.

The vacuum sucks up the cheerios, crumbs, dirt and sand while the dust pad catches smaller debris and hair.  It’s fun and easy for the kids to use too.

Buy a bulk package of filters and pads to go along with it so you are set for a long time.

Handheld Vacuum

Another favorite cleaning tool of mine is a handheld vacuum. Grab this to easily clean out your car, the baseboards, windowsills, or the nice pile of sand your child leaves when they dump out their shoes after school.

I recommend this one by Black and Decker:

Handheld Grater

In the kitchen, my favorite tool is this grater by OXO. The blades easily switch out and even include an option for Julien cut or thin slices like a mandolin. (Homemade chips, anyone?)

I love that it stores neatly, and that everything I shred or slice is self-contained.

Zip Lock Bag Holder

For those of you who like to make freezer meals, this Zip Lock Bag holder is a must! It also folds up flat for easy storage.

My husband teased me a bit when I first received them, but now he also uses them when filling bags to marinade meat for the grill.

These little guys are awesome :

Portable Carpet Cleaner

I fell in love with this when we were potty-training our dog, and again after we had kids.  This amazing carpet cleaner has even saved me from the time I accidentally spilled paint on my daughter’s bedroom carpet while painting her bathroom. (And believe me, it was more than just a few drops!)


Step Stool

Everyone needs a sturdy step stool! This is a heavy duty option that folds up nicely for storage:

Folding Card Table

For our wedding we received a Folding Card Table from my husband’s Grandma. At the time I considered it to be something we wouldn’t really need or use, but now I am so thankful she gave it to us.  In addition to its obvious use, my kids have enjoyed using it as their fort by simply throwing a blanket over the top.

Make sure yours includes chairs as well.


Heavy Duty Skillet

This pan has lasted years! It was a gift one Christmas, and literally is a workhorse in our house. You can make anything in it, and the quality has not decreased over time. I highly recommend getting good quality pans. They last forever in our house!


Do you have a tool or gadget you can’t live without, or wish you had bought years ago?  Please feel free to share!

Do you have these 8 gadgets for streamlining your cleaning and homemaking routines? What others gadgets would you add to this list of 8 must-have gadgets for homemakers?

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