We spend so much time thinking of our families that we can have trouble when it is time to offer gift ideas for Mother’s Day or our birthdays. I am horrible at offering ideas.

What do we moms want for Mothers’ Day? Sometimes it is hard to know what we really want. We want rest, quiet, and a consistent minute to ourselves. But cute and practical gifts for moms are always a good gift idea.

When we stop seeking joy for ourselves, when we always go last, when we take the crumbs, it can lead to burnout. We moms are always giving to our families. It is our tendency to give until our cup is empty.

So, this Mother’s Day, take a minute to celebrate the joy of being a mom. It’s okay to ask for something you want. It’s okay to choose a cute new outfit or new pair of shoes.

There is a way to be unselfish and find ways to take care of ourselves.

It always makes me feel better when I ask for gifts or buy new things that are not only cute but make me feel like I am not wasting money. The practical things mean we are not just being indulgent.

These are gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything. They are cute, practical, and have a style option for every mom. We can add these useful gifts for mom to our lists. This post is sponsored by Dream Pairs Shoes. All opinions are my own. Please view my disclosure for more info.

Gifts for Mother's Day - for the mom who doesn't want a thing these cute and useful gifts for mom will give you ideas that will be helpful and make mom feel special.

Useful Gifts for Mom

The solution to our gift dilemma: cute and practical gifts for Mother’s Day.

The cutest fashion sneakers are on my list this year. New shoes are refreshing.

We moms are on our feet all day long. We can take care of ourselves and feel comfortable, pretty, and fashionable too. That’s why I love these looks for us moms! These are Mother’s Day gift ideas that help us feel better as we do our jobs as moms.

4 Gifts for the Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything

I want to share 4 different looks with you. Each one features cute and practical fashion sneaker that can be worn many ways!

Whether you are dressing up, or dressing to be comfortable, these women’s sneakers should be on your list. They will help you look put together and feel comfortable.

Dressy sneaker with simple shift dress as a way to be comfortable and look put together as a mom with DreamPairs sneakers.

Dream Pairs Fashion Sneakers

Ok, hear me out on this. I am just not into my feet hurting to look nice when I go to an event. The ARCH fashion sneakers are the perfect solution.

I paired the Dream Pairs white ARCH platform sneakers with a simple shift dress I got on sale. If you are like me and check the sale racks first, splurging on a sneaker that is high quality and feels comfortable is worth it. And, when the splurge is less than $50 it makes me feel good for not spending too much.

Dream Pairs ARCH platform sneaker

The ARCH platform sneakers work well in making me feel put together, dressed up, but not sacrificing my comfort. They are perfect for a weekend brunch with your mom-friend, heading to church, or even a Saturday date afternoon with your husband.

Fun fact: The ARCH sneakers are fashion sneakers made from recycled shoe factory waste. The sneakers come with a Crater Foam midsole, which resembles a moon crater. The ARCH is the best solution found from waste, using minimal materials, minimal energy consumption, and minimal carbon emissions to maximize effectiveness.

Cute and comfy makes this ARCH platform fashion sneaker a versatile gift idea for moms.

Dream Pairs chunky platform sneaker in hot pink is cute, comfy and a great gift idea for moms.

Dream Pairs Chunky Sneakers

When you are just running errands, cleaning the house, or watching the kids play at the park, a chunky lightweight sneaker is perfect. I paired my Dream Pairs bright pink platform fashion sneaker with leggings, a flowy top from Crane & Co Boutique and a light sweater.

Dream Pairs chunky fashion sneaker.

It was a comfortable look for sitting outside and running errands on the weekend. The chunky sole gives you so much support. A fashionable Dream Pairs BOLD athleisure sneaker makes a big statement even when you are in comfy clothes caring for the kids.

Nortiv 8 slip on sneakers in purple are cute, and feel like walking on a cloud.

NORTIV 8 Athleisure Slip-On Sneakers

Our hands are always full, right?! The slip-on sneakers are made for us. I am sure of it!

If you want a great-fitting slip-on fashion sneaker, the NORTIV 8 cloud soft sneaker is it. I paired mine with gray joggers and a sleeveless top for grabbing coffee and getting errands done on the weekend. They are great for a quick run to my favorite coffee shop for some quiet time away from the house.

Nortiv 8 slip on sneaker gift idea for mom.

The slip-on style is so easy. I just love that we can find comfortable, practical, and cute shoes!

It feels like I am on my feet all day long. A cute, comfy shoe helps my feet and legs feel less tired at the end of the day. You can’t beat the soft purple color either!

Nortiv 8 athleisure sneakers are cloud soft and comfortable even for miles of walking.

NORTIV 8 Athleisure Sneakers

This pair of women’s sneakers feels like walking on a cloud! I have been wearing them to walk with my husband every morning. We have been doing 2-3 miles every day now that he is retired and not working a new job yet.

The quality time together has been wonderful. I am grateful that these sneakers showed up so quickly and they are constructed so well.

From the first day of walking in the Nimbus Clear breathable sneaker, my feet felt well supported, cushioned and comfortable. I thought it would take a day or so to break them in, but it did not.

Nortiv 8 Athleisure sneaker.

They were so comfortable from the first walk. The Nimbus Clear are great flat feet shoes. They cradle your foot. They feel like the best running shoes I have worn in a long time. The cute spring colors are fun too. I wear the pink women’s sneakers with workout gear.

Affordable Fashion Gifts for The Mom Season of Life

Anyone else in the “coffee and chaos” season of life. 😊 That is why I need that morning walk. It makes me feel more successful as a mom to have that time before I hit the ground running with the kids all day.

My feet do not feel sore or stiff at the end of the day. That is high praise for these shoes!

Fashion sneakers do not have to cost a fortune. All of these Dream Pairs and NORTIV 8 sneakers I shared are less than $50 a pair! Gifts that do not break the bank are even more enjoyable to receive.

We moms are the heart of our homes. It can be hard to buy gifts for us because there is just not a lot of time to think up our wish lists. In these economic times, our minds are on living frugally.

The women’s sneakers from Dream Pairs and NORTIV 8 are perfect gifts for busy moms. They are cute, comfortable and useful gifts for mom this Mother’s Day. Get yourself a couple pairs because they are so versatile and perfect fashion for mom life.

Get your favorite pairs of Dream Pairs sneakers by clicking on the looks you love above.

What is on your Mother’s Day wish list?