We moms learn so much from each other. I really am in a season of life where even the moms who were not friends, or were judgy of my parenting choices, still taught me big lessons. I think we can be thankful for the moms who become friends, and the ones that test us. That is a lot of what I shared on the Learning Without Limits podcast recently.

It’s not easy. It takes time to settle into our parenting strengths. We need to learn as we go – all moms do.

There are perspectives we have when our babies are babies that shift as they grow into teens and young adults. I am not talking values shifting, but just how the thoughts and opinions of others make us feel.

Podcast Chat with Learning Without Limits

I never thought I would be homeschooling. I really wanted to stay at home until my children were school age. Then, I wanted to drop them off and have my days open and free.

It seems silly now since I have been homeschooling for 8 years. We are about to wrap up year eight and I can hardly believe it!

Every year has had its challenges built in – just like motherhood does. But, each year I grow stronger in my abilities as a mom and homeschooler. It feels good to gain confidence and learn as I go.

Recently I was invited to chat on the Learning Without Limits podcast. The host, Linda Bendall, is a fellow mom I met virtually through homeschooling. We connected when she and I were guests on an HSLDA live video chat. Linda helped share about my book A Parent’s Guide to School Choice: All the school options you DO have.

I love hearing her thoughts on being a mom and homeschooling. And, she is always so encouraging to me.

We have a lot in common. Both of us are early childhood educators. We are also military wives.

I spoke with Linda about mom-life, balance at home, my husband’s upcoming retirement from the military, our current plans to live in our RV for a bit, and all the rest of life as a homeschool family.

Not Just for Homeschool Moms

There is so much in this one episode – it is not just for homeschool moms! We really can learn so much from one another.

I’d like to invite you to listen in to our chat over at Learning Without Limits – or watch the replay on her Youtube channel.

We moms must fill our cups. Sharing with other devoted mamas is one way to do that.

Our school choices do affect our children’s path in life. If I can ever help you sort through which school option will be best for your child, you can read my book, or send me an email. I would love to chat with you about it all too.

Go view or listen to the episode of Learning Without Limits. After you listen to the podcast, leave a comment here with your thoughts.

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