Simple backpack system to stay organized all school year.

At the start of last school year, I got bombarded. A surprise “deployment” meant single parenting for me right at the start of a busy season. Kids were all enrolled in sports and activities. My plan was to have two parents to share drop off and pick up responsibilities. That plan failed! It took some quick systems to get on track. These tips make my list of school year organization that works.

Thinking about systems to get and stay organized will help us be ready as school gets back in session. Being prepared for the busy time of year makes all the difference.

School Year Organization System

With four kids ranging from elementary to high school, simple organization systems are how I survive. The school year brings with it more structure while creating fewer open windows of time.

This year we are going to plan in rest just as we plan in time for sports and homework.

This strategy sets up systems that the kids can eventually use without being micromanaged. We can avoid living in survival mode – most of the time.


Then, come back here to view these other tips for getting organized for back to school and staying organized.

More School Year Organization Ideas

What are your best back to school organization systems that keep your home running all school year?

Back to school year organization that works to set up systems for the kids that help save time and keep you out of survival mode.