Quick breakfast recipes like tips for oatmeal and pancakes for kids to make the morning routine easier.

Do you make your kids a hot breakfast every morning? Does it depend on the day? In our house, waffles in the toaster, or cereal, are the breakfasts of choice. I am trying to make and freeze some new foods to change it up. These quick breakfast ideas are a great go-to for simplifying the morning routine.

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Quick Breakfast Ideas for Simple Mornings

Here is what a few Moms Share:

Scramble an egg into your oatmeal as it cooks, sometimes I add butter and jelly too!”

-Jennifer Z

Oatmeal with honey and cranberries….yogurt with honey….they love bacon…hard boiled eggs.

-Jaimi M.

Baked oatmeal in muffin cups w liners. Pop in freezer bags and microwave as needed. If time allows I liked to put in coffee mug, pour on milk and microwave. Eat with a spoon! Also breakfast burritos. Scrambled Eggs – whip in cottage cheese for extra protein! Cheese, sautéed or roasted veg, any kind of meat they like. Wrap each in parchment and freeze. Microwave in paper.

-Sara P

Don’t do much from the freezer other than waffles and pancakes but we also do oatmeal with a spoonful of peanut butter in it for some sort of protein.

-Wendy B.

Leah of Simple. Home. Blessings shared a yummy list of 7 Ways to Wake Up the good old bowl of oatmeal.

Fruit, yogurt, and cereal or oatmeal most mornings. When it’s not an early morning (days I work) I might do eggs and bacon or pancakes. I put flaxseed in the oatmeal and in pancakes for added nutrients. Really just depends on the day.

-Charysa C.

Sausage pancake sticks, french Toast sticks, eggs and sausage scramble and fruit are our regulars.

 -Juli F.

Depends on the day and how everyone is feeling. Lately it’s been chocolate chip pancakes. They also like <b>egg and cheese sandwiches, toast with cinnamon and cereal.

-Dawn D

Greek yogurt, rolled oats and fruit with a splash of milk- leave in fridge overnight and enjoy in the morning.

-Jo-Anne B.

My kids are still really young, just 1 and 2. It seems the more energy I put into breakfast the less likely they are to eat it… Fresh fruit usually wins out, some cereal and occasionally some homemade pancakes or French toast. The kids really like the banana pancakes made with a single mashed banana and one egg.

-Kerri G.

I make egg cups and freeze them. I then pull out 1 or 2 and microwave. Scramble eggs with veggies and/or meat of choice and pour in greased muffin cups. Bake at 350 for 15 mins. Remove after cooling 5 mins. Then let cool completely and freeze in bags. Microwave for 30 sec if frozen and 15 if from fridge.

-Nikole L.

I tried muffin cup omelets and they were so nice to have in the freezer! Just microwave and eat.

I used turkey and ham lunch meat, extra sausage leftover from Saturday morning breakfast, and even the Jimmy Dean breakfast skillet mixture from the grocery store freezer section.

Saute it to warm it up and add it by teaspoon-full into the muffin cups. Then pour on the egg mixture, sprinkle with cheese and bake. Leftover potatoes or hash browns are great additions too.

QUICK TIP: Be sure to spray the muffin pan with cooking spray before adding any ingredients to remove the eggs easily once they are cooked-I tried just using olive oil and the eggs stuck in places.

I also double muffin recipes so that I can freeze half-cook once, eat twice!

I do the same when I make pancakes. This is the recipe I use, but I add one teaspoon vanilla, use regular milk instead of buttermilk, and mix the batter in a bowl, not the blender.

It is so versatile we add all kinds of “toppings” into the pancakes when I first put the batter in the pan. Blueberries, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips or even rainbow sprinkles for the kids.

Then I freeze them in zip top bags separated by topping. I wrap them by twos in wax paper or parchment paper. I can take out one serving at a time without all the pancakes sticking together. Just microwave and eat.

If you try to make more meals and freeze them to ease morning and evening meal prep, try this Freezer Inventory checklist from Sarah at My Joy-Filled Life to stay organized. It is free to print off and use in your home.

I love it for keeping track of what is in our chest freezer so I do not have to dig through the frozen items. THAT freezer has been a lifesaver for us since the twins arrived!

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What quick breakfast recipe ideas have you tried or created? Share in the comments below!

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Quick breakfast ideas to make mornings a little simpler.