How to balance homeschooling is learned as you go, but these schedule and routine tips will help you find your balance in homeschooling.

With my husband working long days and odd hours in his military job, all of the parenting was my job. It was a season to assess the imbalance in our home and homeschool. How to balance homeschooling with the rest of the household tasks is a learned experience. These tips are what helped me.

Spring cleaning is not just for our homes. Yes, closets and cupboards need some sorting now and then, but re-balancing life is a task I focus on every spring. It feels like a renewal season.

We clean the nooks and crannies of the house. And, we dig deep into the nooks and crannies of our priorities when the days feel like they are veering into chaos.

Learning to juggle homemaking and homeschooling was a challenge for me. As a former classroom teacher, I knew how to teach. But trying to figure out how to time-block in order to keep a relatively clean and orderly home was difficult.

I took a few action steps to get life in order. Each year of our homeschool experience has looked a little different. That is the beauty of homeschooling: Life adjusts to the needs of everyone in the family.

I shared our strategies for how to balance homeschooling over on the HSLDA blog. HSLDA is a supportive resource organization. They are the legal support and clarity for homeschool families. It is a very encouraging community. Read the full article about how to balance homeschooling.

Schedule ideas to create peace at home and help you learn how to balance homeschooling.