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There is a skill in figuring out whether or not I am trying to take on too much. A household that is out-of-balance is not healthy. Our job as homemakers is -re-balancing life when it gets off track. 

I actually have a tip for telling when life is needing a re-balancing. It is what I do to weigh whether I can keep tasks on my plate or need to set them aside.

Women take on a lot. Being a stay-at-home mom is a heavy load. Yes, we can get conditioned to add more. Pursuing what we want, along with all that is already on our plates, has made our helpings larger.

When I stepped down from the board of the organization where I used to volunteer, I felt a combination of relief and shame. I felt that I let the board down. I felt that I let my goals down.

But, I knew I had removed a large helping off my plate.

My priorities were still there. Nothing major in my life was eliminated with this move. Kids, husband and home were all there still waiting for me.

The reality is there are only 24 hours in a day. My priorities and strengths have to determine what I do with that time.

The key for me is not so simple for everyone, but it helps me assess the balance in my home. Read what I do for re-balancing life as a mom over at Spouselink here.

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Rock tower balancing on top of a stack of books. Text reads How to tell when life is out of balance.