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Exercise inspiration for moms and some gross motor (exercise) ideas for the kids...that can get mom moving too!

Do you have an exercise routine that works? Need some exercise inspiration to keep reaching your fitness goals?

I have in the past been able to easily fit in exercise. I’d put my oldest-who was then just a little guy-into the jogging stroller and walk, and walk, and walk. Miles! But over the more recent few years, (after adding more kids who had less certain schedules) it has been more of a struggle. I feel lazy when I don’t exercise (and by exercise I mean walk) regularly, but that still doesn’t mean that I can get it done. I need some inspiration and tips to help me plan exercise into my week.

Exercise inspiration, workout ideas, fitness motivation, whatever you want to call it, we got it. There are tips from moms like me and Lena @ What Mommy Does who both lost a bunch of weight after pregnancies. There are also important messages like feeling healthy is more important than being a certain size. Health is what matters, not what clothes fit. Or how you compare to someone else. This is about being YOUR BEST YOU. Period.

Exercise Inspiration for Moms

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Gross Motor Fun (Exercise) for Kids that Gets Mom Moving Too

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