We still have the two banners that I ordered back in 2009. They were displayed outside for a few weeks and did not show any wear. I have reused them each time we have ended another deployment.

Both signs are still in good condition even with being stored in a garage and a basement.

BuildASign.com has basic signs for any purpose – business and personal. You can use their easy formatting functions to create your own personalized banner, sign, car magnet, and more with your text and images.

Create a reusable kids birthday decorations banner with your child’s picture. Or create a graduation banner if you have a soon-to-be high school graduate in your house. There are so many great options.

I decided to order the basic birthday banner (without personalization). This was so I could use the same banner for all of my kids’ birthday parties each year. No more throwing away paper banners. No need to worry about keeping the stored paper banner safe from the elements.

It is another decoration that I will always have ready to go!

While learning to juggle four kids, I need all the help I can get to keep things simple!

The banner will join our other reusable kids birthday decoration. We have a table runner my mother-in-law made for us. It is easy to get out and add to the festivities.

Here are a couple of sites with patterns if you are interested in sewing your own: Apartment Therapy and TheHomeSewingPlace.com.

Our homemade birthday table runner is done with Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric. So fun for the kids to remember each year!



Now I have two decorations ready to go for this year. I am excited to use them for years to come!

I look forward to sharing some of our joint ‘Space/Under the Sea’ birthday party ideas with you in upcoming posts like this one.  I made cupcake toppers out of my kids artwork for a fun DIY birthday idea. 

Check out what BuildASign.com can offer you for your next kids birthday, church picnic or other fun event.
>>>You can visit their product list here. <<< There really are many ideas for gifts, decorations and more. 

Do you have any frugal tips for kids birthday decorating? I would love to read how you manage kids birthdays in your home.
For more kids birthday ideas, read these posts

Enjoy decorating for your child’s next birthday!

Reusable kids birthday decorations and some fun DIY ideas too.

Enjoy your time at home!

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  1. Gunnar says

    Nice sharing Jaimi, I really like your idea to celebrate the birthday and arrange a party at your home that will be memorable for the family and a good event for the kids. Most of the times people will do the first birthday of their kids like this one that is good and more lovely not only for the parents but also when kids go mature they see the videos and images of their first birthday that remind them the love of their parents for them. so it is great to arrange this event.

  2. Jusica says

    Hi Jaimi,

    This is the best thing you celebrate your twin kids with the best memorable birthday party and your idea is perfect. home decoration for the birthday party is a great thing most of the people love to have for their kids. Also with all these when we have good neighboring friends and other family members with us the party become awesome and we can do all the pretty good things for our kids. Thanks for your awesome and a great advise to celebrate the birthday party of the kids.


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