Two kleenex boxes and ribbon become a color sorting activity for toddlers that takes minutes to make.

When my oldest daughter was a preschooler, she confused the colors red and blue, black and white. I created a simple color sorting activity for toddlers so she could practice with the colors. This DIY color sorting activity helped clear up the confusion.

The whole purpose of this activity was to put the colors she struggled with next to each other. Then she had to visually compare them. I wanted her to see blue next to red and black next to white.  

Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers

All you need for this toddler activity are two empty boxes. We used empty kleenex boxes. (Toddlers are pros at emptying those out!)

In addition you need scrap paper- one piece for each color of ribbon. If you do not have ribbon, you can use fabric scraps, tissue paper, Duplo blocks, etc.

I used fabric scraps for the black and white color sorting activity for toddlers. I used ribbon for the red-blue activity. The ribbon was leftover from a birthday present.
Gather your colorful items. Cut the paper into small pieces or shapes and write the color on it as a label as shown in the photo below. 
Cut fabric scraps are taped to the kleenex boxes to sort by color and shape

Place one curled up piece of masking tape (sticky side out) on the front of each box. Then stick on one  piece of colored paper. That will work literacy into this activity too if you write the color word on the label.

Set up the colored items mixed up in a pile on the table. Your toddler can sort them by placing the pieces in the designated boxes.

You will have to explain the activity to them. If you need help teaching your toddler activities at home, I have a free printable guide to help! You can access it when you subscribe to my email newsletter here.

It is important to use the color (or shape) words while your child completes this activity. That helps build their early reading skills.  

When all the colors have been sorted, your child can empty the boxes and do it again. This is a sensory activity too! The textures and colors are very engaging adding another element of exploration. 

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What color, number or letter confusion is your child working through? There is always something for us to teach them!
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