I am starting a new series here on the blog-Moms Share. There are many blogs and websites with great info, but YOU have so much you can share as well! After all, you are a mom and that means you have experiences that the rest of us can learn from.

This series will share your responses to questions I post on the SAHMSG Facebook page, or ideas that you ask me to share, so all of us can benefit!

DIY Toys for Babies

Recently Ana T. and I conversed via Facebook and she shared with me a couple of simple toys she made for her child. Her daughter had so much fun with them she agreed to let me share them with you. She gave me permission to share her photos of the DIY project as well. You will not believe the resourcefulness of these ideas! 
First, she created a little “I Spy” tray table out of recyclables. She used cardboard, a padded mailing envelope, two small boxes, packing tape and packing paper. 
Make a lightweight tray table with pictures on top as an exploration for infants.
She slipped a piece of cardboard (cut to fit) into a large mailing envelope. Then she wrapped it with paper and taped it with packing tape. She then added some pictures and stickers on top for some visual interest (photos are blocked out to protect privacy).


How neat would it be to include photos of family members with captions under each picture to expose baby to literacy too! Even shapes or colors could be fun-and it can be changed over time.

Side view of the DIY tray table that a reader made for her infant.
After the top was complete, she used two small boxes to give the table legs. She wrapped the boxes in packing paper, used the tape to secure it and then attached the legs to the tray.
Assembled tray table made from recyclables.
Infants who are learning to sit on their own could benefit from this little table. Often as infants begin to develop the back strength to sit upright, they tend to lean forward in a tripod formation using one arm to keep themselves propped up.
This tray table would give them a little bit higher angle since they would be leaning on it rather than the floor. This would be a fun activity for toddlers as well. They can add stickers to the top or use crayons to color it. 


Ana also made little sensory shakers from baby food containers. These are cute! Why recycle when you can upcycle! She put some small items into each container, secured the lid on well with tape and added a few stickers to make them more eye-catching.

You can make sensory shakers for babies from old baby bottles! That is another option to create toys for babies at home.

What a great audio and visual sensory exploration! You could put dry beans or noodles in each and shake them to some music to explore rhythm and listening skills. Thanks, Ana, for sharing these ideas with this group of moms! 
Are you a resourceful mom? I want to see your ideas-they do not need to be pretty.
Real moms and simple ideas is what I want to show here! Send me a message on Facebook or email me your creative idea that has helped your home or children. 
I have added the DIY Car Wash Toy that I made for my car-lover son a while back.

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Toddler girl playing with toys on the floor. Text reads DIY toys for babies and toddlers new on the blog.
DIY I Spy Tray Table and Handmade shakers for babies and toddlers are DIY toys to save money and create a fun sensory learning experience at home.