Celebrate motherhood. The work we do is challenging, exciting, exhausting, and rewarding. The good of the good days is what I try to focus on in the bad moments. It is the baby smiles that I try to remember on the difficult days. The cuddly, kissable, sweet baby faces that introduced me to motherhood. The lovable faces-that are growing into beautiful little people-that are my work in this season of my life.

So today I am sharing those sweet faces to celebrate motherhood and the ones who call me Momma. This is part of the Ultimate Guide to Baby’s First Year Series with tips and resources from over 40 mom bloggers. It all starts now!

Black and white photo of an adult hand and a baby hand. Text reads celebrate motherhood they call me momma.

Celebrate Motherhood: Ultimate Baby Series

My oldest boy who is outgoing, inquisitive, and relentless.

My oldest girl who is an artist, fearless, and a free thinker.

My twin boy (left) is always smiling, “talkative,” and interested. My twin girl (right) is serious, sweet and likes her space when her siblings crowd her for a little too long.
I also have a little fun fact: My two boys look identical in their baby pictures. Identical twins born 6 years apart!
  Oldest Boy                                                Twin Boy
Our two boys look identical in their baby pictures yet they were born 6 years apart.
I am excited for their growth and only slightly sad that we have begun giving away the little baby clothes. Life is full and they are my and my husband’s most important contribution to the world.

Our life is still very much geared to the baby stage, and I am excited for the next two weeks as I participate in The Ultimate Guide to Babies First Year with over 40 other bloggers bringing you ‘all things baby’!

Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year Series-Resources, Tips and Giveaways!
You are invited to join us and it all starts today!
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What memories keep you focused on the great moments of being a mom even when the day gets tough? How do you celebrate motherhood with a gratitude mindset?
Baby feet with sandy toes. Text reads Celebrate motherhood they call me momma. The work we do is challenging, exciting and rewarding.