Family photo at a family reunion.

We have never done a big family reunion in my family. There have been a few larger family events that brought one half of the family together, or the other. But, to dream a little I wish we could get all of our family together to celebrate. It got me thinking about fun family reunion party and event ideas.

Family reunion season is coming. This collection of ideas will have us all prepared for some fun family reunion party and event ideas.

Family Reunion Ideas

There are many fun games and contests to bring all your family members together. Custom gifts and prizes are wonderful takeaways so everyone remembers the event for years to come. It is important to incorporate fun, but simple, ideas to make your family reunion great for everyone.

Play Games and Award Fun Prizes

If you have relay races, scavenger hunts or even a fun “roast” at your family reunion party, custom medals are a great way to reward family members. Medals with your family name and the year make great takeaways from a summer family reunion event.

Custom designed magnets and Enamel Pins are other options for placing in goodie bags.

You can show your family some love by displaying a custom magnet or customized enamel pin. These can be designed at with a unique design for your event or family reunion party. They offer free custom design options that you can use to create your design.

Guest Book

Recording who was at the reunion is a great keepsake. This guest book for family events is a wonderful addition to your reunion. For years to come it will be a reminder to the eldest members who joined in and made the day fun. Great grandparent gift idea too!

Bingo Game

You can make a custom family reunion bingo card set! How fun is this idea as an icebreaker game. Reward the winners with those custom medals or an enamel pin to commemorate the event.

Photo Booth

Photo booths at a family reunion event are a must! Get family members snapping pics with this great family reunion photo backdrop. You can even use a large piece of scrap fabric.

Create a Custom Hashtag

Many family weddings use a custom hashtag so all members can find the photos after the event. This is a great idea for a reunion too! Such an easy way to review the party fun after and help those who cannot make it see what happened.

Baby Photo Guessing Game

Another game idea is to create a photo contest from family baby photos. Display the photos of participating family members. Each person can guess who is who and the person with the most correct guesses gets the prize. Award one of your customized medals to the winner! Baby photos are always so cute.

Have a Family Trivia Game

The family trivia game can be so much fun. Winners who pick the most family members correctly get one of those medals again! Each family member can submit 3 facts that others may not know. You will have a really entertaining event.

Family Recipe Book

Have interested family members submit their favorite family recipe. Compile these into a simple pdf document that can be emailed out to all who attend. Recipes are so treasured in my family.

Getting a collection of everyone’s favorites is a great way to meal plan too.

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Remember Those Who Cannot Attend

Create little gifts for family members who are unable to attend the reunion in person. A custom t-shirt, magnet with the event logo on it, and their own family reunion event enamel pin will make family members who cannot attend feel special.

Virtual Reunion

For those unable to make it to the reunion, try a virtual portion. From live streaming on social media, to smart phone video chats, long distance family can get connected despite distance. Use that family reunion hashtag to keep it all connected online.

Don’t Do It All On Your Own

Gather a family group to be the reunion party planning committee. Delegate tasks, poll family members so everyone has a say in the details, and don’t be afraid to hire out aspects of the event.

The point is for everyone to have a great time. You as the organizer need to enjoy it too!

Have you hosted or organized a family reunion party? What were fun ideas you had at your reunion event?

Family taking a photo at a family reunion. Try these family reunion event and party ideas to have fun with your family.