Kids looking at microscope exploring science. Getting kids interested in science can be done in some creative ways. this list is 5 ideas to try.

We can’t force our kids to share our passions or form an interest in subjects we think will be good for them. But we can certainly encourage them to form a love of learning across all subjects. Getting kids into science at home could help improve their work and engagement at school and even lead them down a STEM career path. Here are five simple ways you can engage your kid and get them into science.

5 Ways to Get Your Kids into Science

Get outdoors

So much of science is already happening just outside our homes. In plants, animals, the sky, and in water. Taking your kid outside and talking to them about science is a great way to get them outdoors, exercising, and thinking about science.

A hike to point out the natural habitats of animals, spot birds and insects, explain photosynthesis, or the changing weather will provide plenty of memories. Be sure to bring along binoculars, a magnifying glass, and your phone to take plenty of photos.

Buy science-themed gifts

Giving your kid science-themed gifts doesn’t mean buying them a science textbook for their birthday. Chemistry kits, engineering toys, and biology labs are among many toys that 10 year olds love.

These kits let kids build mini motor engines, create electric currents, experiment with safe chemicals, and even grow microbes in Petri dishes. Not only will this make gift buying easier, but you can also inject fun into science and science into fun by choosing toys and games that incorporate science in some way.

Take them to science museums

If you’re lucky enough to live close by to one, take your kids to a natural history museum or science museum. Museums offer a chance to engage with science in a fun and often interactive way that isn’t possible at home.

Science and natural history museums often have interactive games and exhibitions, big screens for showing accessible documentaries, and lots of fascinating objects that will interest kids and adults alike. Plus, many natural history and science museums are cheap and usually free for kids.

Watch movies

Family movie night is a great way to bond and have fun together, but it can also be a chance to inspire your kids to get more into science. From kid-friendly documentaries to sci-fi adventure movies, there are plenty of great watches out there.

We love this list of 10 science movies for kids, which has everything from Hidden Figures to The Lego Movie and the rationale for choosing each film.

Bake together

Baking isn’t just about making pretty cakes and cookies that taste good. It requires science too. Baking with your kid, even at a young age, can teach them about measurements, fractions, chemistry, and even nutrition.

Show kids the difference between cookies with plain flour and all-purpose flour, experiment with food coloring and unusual flavors and make new and exciting bakes together.

Not only will this teach your kids something about science, but it will also get them to love baking, something they’re sure to take into adulthood.

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Wondering how to get kids into science? Try this list of great ideas.
5 ideas to help get your kids into science.