The kids and I started making our summer bucket list. We are ready for time off from the school schedule! Our list includes day trips, fun events and play ideas for the kids and I to do during summer vacation. Little kids run and play all summer long, but the older kiddos can have some fun geared for them too! Summer outdoor play for tweens and teens will get the big kids off of devices and playing more outdoors.

During our spring break this year, we spent a week with family out at a local beach. A rented beach house was our home base. Days of walking on the sand and visiting local shops filled our time. It was such a great break. It gave me a lot of inspiration for our summer outdoor play bucket list.

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Ideas for Summer Outdoor Play for Tweens and Teens

The beach house had a pool on site. That was a treat! We thought the pool was going to be closed during our time at the beach house. But, to our surprise it opened for our last two days there! It was a perfect chance to try out our new summer toy for the big kids. (These Summer Fun Ideas for Tweens and Teens are great ideas too!)

Summer play ideas for tweens and teens in the pool.

CROSSNET H20 for Pool Time

We got to set up our new CROSSNET H2O and let the kids swim a bit. They love the beach, but they admittedly love pools even more.

CROSSNET H2O is a new floating foursquare volleyball net. It was so light weight and easy to assemble! My husband, son and I put the posts together and then brought everything down to the poolside.

Everyone jumped in to help a bit. Our CROSSNET H2O was put together in about 15 minutes total! The directions are very easy to follow. There is even a QR code on the box to get you right into how to play.

Crossnet H2O pool foursquare net to play volleyball in the pool.
Child assembling the Crossnet H2O summer outdoor play for tweens and teens. It is so easy to put together and is portable.

The kids got excited and just wanted to dive in, so they swam around while we got the net in the water.

My younger kiddos had not played foursquare much. A little lesson was involved as they tried out the CROSSNET H2O. Full game rules are in the assembly guide that comes with the CROSSNET H20.

With all the jumping, bumping the ball, and learning to play in the pool, this was such a great workout for the kids! These printable pool exercises would be a great addition to summer pool time to help your child develop into a stronger swimmer.

My tween daughter and teen son were the perfect size to use the net. The younger two had so much fun too. This is a great toy to add to the summer bucket list activities.

Floating pool foursquare net for kids.

It is nice to have a summer outdoor play idea that the kids can grow into and use for years to come. The kids played for a bit and then just goofed around. I love that the CROSSNET H2O is multi-functional. It can be used for the specific foursquare game, but kids can also create their own game with it.

Kids playing with the Crossnet H2O net in the pool for summer outdoor play.

During summer vacation, kids thrive on being excited about upcoming bucket list activities. Setting up the CROSSNET H2O is going to be fun. The net is a summer play toy that the kids will be able to use for years.

Some outdoor toys have one use and kids get bored. The CROSSNET H2O is not like this. The CROSSNET can be built in minutes at group events. It turns the pool into a whole new outdoor play event for all ages.

The CROSSNET H2O can fit in pools like this one on up to the larger community pools. Set it up at your house, your friend’s pool or the neighborhood pool.

With the ease of putting it together and taking it apart, you can take the CROSSNET H2O on the go. The convenient carry bag holds all the parts in between uses.

Convenient carry bag to take the floating foursquare volleyball net on the go all summer long.

We often take a road trip to visit family over summer vacation. The CROSSNET H2O can travel with us so we can use it in the family pool! Big kids get bored just floating around, so the CROSSNET H2O opens up a whole new activity to keep them playing outside longer this summer.

View more about the CROSSNET H2O. Full videos help you learn how to set it up and play. They thought of everything to add in more fun this pool season.

Some of our other summer bucket list activities and ideas are travel fun, less screentime, and simple bike rides once a week to go out to lunch. Asking the kids what they want to do helps keep their excitement up. This summer vacation is going to be great!

What is on your summer outdoor idea list for your families? Any good outdoor ideas for teens and tweens to keep them active and off screens?

Summer outdoor play for tweens and teens to keep them off screens and moving more.