Planning for a fun summer with kids? Check out this guide for summer activities to keep your sanity and have fun together.

My plan for every summer at home with kids is a balance of free time and structured family time. I love that my kids can “be kids.” They get wide windows of time to play with friends, ride their bikes, play outside and choose their fun. I also know that day after day of no structure makes for some grumpy attitudes when kids are involved…and me too!

This ultimate guide to summer at home with kids will provide ideas for open ended child-led play and options for more structured family time.

You will find a variety of ideas for different age groups. I cover infants, toddlers, preschool and school age kids here. There is something for everyone!

Customizing your own summer bucket list for fun with kids is easy with this go-to list.

Ultimate Guide to a fun Summer at Home with Kids

Work on Balance with the Schedule:

The Complete Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms has so many resources it deserves a shoutout here. Whether summer planning or every day balance, it has you covered for your time at home with the kids.

Want a balance between structured days and open windows of time to play? Check out summer schedule planning from my friend Lauren at The Military Wife and Mom

Looking for laid-back fun for summer? This list is a great go-to for a more relaxed schedule.

Summer at home with kids activities for all ages.

Saving Money on Summer Activities:

Free and cheap family fun by location is so helpful for getting out and about.

Saving money on summer fun is important. Try these money-saving ideas.

Over 32 free or cheap summer ideas to do with kids is a go-to list for your summer at home with kids.

It does not have to cost a lot to have meaningful family time together. These fun summer activities for kids are perfect for quick easy playtime.

Travel Tips

Be prepared for a fun day at the beach with kids!

Road trips are a great way to spend family time in summer. These road trip tips will make your next trip the best one yet.

Keeping things simple when traveling with kids is so helpful.

This week-by-week travel checklist will help keep your summer travel organized.

Summer fun with kids: the ultimate guide to summer at home with kids covers your summer time together.

Less Screen Time More Balance

Tips for less screen time on road trips – or any time during the summer at home with kids – is so essential.

Build a backyard playhouse together.

Try a nature mural outdoors for some fun summer art time.

Teach children how to grow a garden. It is science in action for kids!

Healthy Snacks

Try this snack organization idea to avoid the all-day snack requests!

Make snacks pack a nutrition punch with healthy kid snacks that they will actually eat.

Summer snacks recipe inspiration is always a good idea.

These are great, quick snack ideas that are easy to keep on-hand for kids.

Summer at Home with Kids: Activities by Age

Simple activities for infants.

What to do with toddlers at home all day.

Preschool activities at home that are easy to set up.

Prevent summer slide in learning for School Age kids.

Summer writing prompts for kids and positive journal time for moms.

What to do with kids at home for the summer.

More Ideas for Sanity Saving Summer at Home with Kids:

Over 100 summer bucket list ideas and activities.

Stay at home summer fun will keep everyone entertained at home.

These summer boredom busters even come with a printable checklist!

Mom Beach shares so many fun messy play, cooking and sensory ideas. These are great kids activities for summer!

It all starts with a great routine that is balanced. I love these tips and use them during the summer at home with kids and all through our school year too.

What are your summer plans? Are you staying at home or traveling this summer?

Ultimate guide for summer at home with kids. Make this summer the best one yet!