Scanning videos on my phone, I came across one of the twins playing in our sensory table. It was 3 homes ago but I still remember the afternoon like it was yesterday. My babies played in the sensory table regularly. It was an almost daily occurrence when the weather was warm. I always set up simple sensory play for babies because they were quick, natural and let the kids have open ended play time.

This particular day I remember the twins playing in the sensory table for over an hour. It was after lunch. The weather was gorgeous.

Simple kitchen ingredients makes a fun sensory play time for babies.

I grabbed what we had in the pantry and added a few simple home items: ice cube trays, measuring cups, simple shovels or small cups. They are all my kids need for a fun sensory experience.

Simple Sensory Play Idea for Babies and Toddlers

We loved this sand and water table. It was worth every penny with all the hours of sensory play for babies that it handled.

I poured a couple of cups of rice, a couple cups of barley and a couple cups of cornmeal in piles into the table.

Simple ideas for sensory play for babies with items right from the kitchen.

Of course just the act of doing this pouring got the twins attention.

They toddled right with me and saw me set it all up. (The kids make the simplest ideas fun!)

Simple kitchen sensory play for babies. Ideas for simple sensory learning for infants.

Scooping, pouring, filling cups and trays, they did it all.

These types of simple play ideas for babies encourage their eye hand coordination, fine motor skills of course for real live actions of pouring and scooping. Life skills in action!

Simple sensory table idea for babies for indoor or outdoor play.

Different textures just adds to their interest and keeps them playing longer. I love mixing grains like in this simple sensory bin idea with oats and salt.

I love reminiscing through sharing these ideas with you. I hope you enjoy trying the sensory play for babies with your baby too.

What did you think of this idea?

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Sensory play for babies: simple, natural ideas for baby play.