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Infants extend tummy time with a simple cloth napkin sensory bin for babies. Great for exploration, fine motor and gross motor development in infants.

Infants often dislike tummy time. Giving them a simple sensory bin for babies can keep them playing (and getting stronger) longer. Simple baby activities are a nice way to introduce sensory exploration and language to infants.

(PLUS, as moms, it gives us a feeling of actually teaching our infants and engaging with them.)

Cloth Napkin Sensory Bin for Babies

Babies play with a simple infants sensory activity using cloth napkins or fabric scraps PLUS a little surprise for the senses!

This easy-to-set-up sensory bin activity for infants only requires cloth napkins or fabric scraps. (You can even use socks!)

I always enjoy taking my babies outside for some outdoor activities [read more], and this activity for infants can be done indoors or outside. If you head outside with your baby, just take along a blanket to place on the ground.

We have a mismatched set of cloth napkins, and I thought since they were colorful they might be of interest to the babies during tummy time.

Napkin or fabric scrap sensory bin for babies is so easy to set up and there are great tips for taking baby outdoors!

I set a blanket on the grass in our backyard and placed the bin on it. The twins started pulling napkins out of the sensory bin for babies.

The napkins were dumped out, but I had a hidden secret in the bin…I tied a rattle to one napkin to add a little auditory stimulation!

Auditory and visual sensory stimulation sensory bin for infants. Great activity for babies to enhance and extend tummy time.

All I did was take the corner of a napkin and tied it through the handle of the rattle. You can set a toy that makes noise into the bottom of the sensory bin for babies before placing the napkins into it.

I could shake the sensory bin so it would make noise. This kept the babies’ interest and focus. It caused them to dig into the napkins more.

The cloth napkin sensory bin for babies was a good way to get the twins on their bellies for extended tummy time. So many infants do not like being on their tummies because it is harder for them to see mom. It is also hard work for their bodies. For infants, it is good exercise though!

Even my older two joined in with the babies. It is so much fun when they all play together. I am amazed how the older ones get interested in the new skills their baby brother and sister learn.

Simple sensory bin for infants. A baby play activity to enhance tummy time and explore fine and gross motor skills in infants.

This simple sensory bin for babies is such an easy activity to do with infants. It helps babies stay on their tummies for tummy time just a little longer. It also encourages older infants to reach and grab. These motions help strengthen an infant’s core muscles for crawling and get their fingers grabbing and pulling which helps coordination and fine motor skills.

Be sure to talk about the colors and textures as your infant touches the fabric. This is all great brain exercise introducing new words and building your baby’s language!


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This sensory bin for babies is so simple and it can help babies who don't like tummy time!

You can find even more infant activities to try with your baby HERE and be sure to follow my Infant Activities board over on Pinterest!


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