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Make your outdoor space more appealing for your kids by creating an epic playhouse for them (and yourselves, too!). Here are 6 of the most creative and fun playhouse ideas to build in your backyard. If, like parents everywhere, you’re struggling to get your children away from the television on even the most beautiful of days, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and get them into the backyard!

6 DIY Backyard Playhouse Ideas


The treehouse is the classic backyard playhouse at the center of every childhood dream. If your family is particularly DIY savvy and you have some epic trees in your yard, this one is only almost as difficult as building a real house.
If, however, your drilling and hammering skills leave something to be desired, use a clever treehouse hack by building or buying a raised playhouse.
Your house on stilts will be an instant backyard hit and your children (probably) won’t notice the difference.

Converted garden shed

Cottage style playhouses are all the rage with name brand outdoor toy companies.
If you want to make your own and save more than a bit of money, you can easily convert a garden shed into a playhouse. All it takes is a few coats of paint and some new shutters and doors.
The neighborhood kids might not fully appreciate the rustic vintage look, but it definitely adds to the appeal for you as you watch your kids play in this adorable home.

Platform tent playhouse

Halfway in between a treehouse and a tent, a platform tent playhouse offers protection from wet grass while still giving a truly outdoor feel.
The great thing about these playhouses is that, if you build cleverly, you can adapt your playhouse for backyard camp outs and pitch your own tent on the platform on warm summer nights. Bad weather? Try this indoor camping idea.
Now that is how childhood memories are made.

Multipurpose playhouse 

(trampoline tent, playhouse with slide and/or climbing frame)

Combining a playhouse and climbing frame works best with treehouses or raised playhouses. Use your imagination here and attach a slide, swing set, or even a zip line to your multi-purpose playhouse to get the most bang for your buck.
Make sure to build a mobile medic station as well, because let’s face it, you’ll be needing it.

Multilevel playhouse

If your playhouse goal is creating a home outside of the home, then a multilevel playhouse is the perfect choice. With this super creative and extravagant playhouse style, your children can host tea parties, hold secret club meetings, and have sleepovers all without leaving the comfort of your backyard.
Warning: if you do this, your children will never come inside for dinner time.

Hobbit hole playhouse

Talk about saving the best for last. This adorable house is straight out of the Shire with its rounded windows and doors. and low ceilings.
If the kids don’t appreciate it, then you can take it over yourselves. It will save you thousands on airfare to New Zealand, and you’ll be the coolest/nerdiest parents around.
Choose one of these playhouse styles and let your imagination run wild. Before you know it, your children will be having an incredible time enjoying the fruits of your labor and the great outdoors.
But be warned: you will have to host every single play date for the rest of your lives.
Which DIY backyard playhouse idea is your favorite?

These are 6 of the most creative DIY playhouse ideas for the backyard! Kids will beg to play outside when they have these fun spaces for play and relaxing outside this Summer. A great resource!
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